M.A. in Economics FAQ for Prospective Students

Q2: When are the deadlines for admissions applications?
Spring: November 20th
Fall: May (TBD)
Fall Extended: June (TBD)

Q3: How fast can I complete the degree?
If you take three courses each semester, you can complete the M.A. degree in four semesters (less than two calendar years).

Q4: How slow can I complete the degree?
You can complete the degree on a part-time basis with one or two courses per semester.

Q5: Is financial aid available?
Yes. A variety of subsidized loans and graduate assistantships are available. Please see the Financial Aid page, many students work as teaching assistants. Please click here to learn more about the Colin Powell School Graduate Fellowship.

Q6: Do you require submission of test scores?
Generally, NO. For international students, all applicants from countries in which the official language is not English are required to submit official TOEFL or IELTS scores [500 (pBt), 61 (iBt)].

Q7: Do you offer job placement services?
CCNY has an active Professional Development Institute that organizes career fairs, supports professional development like Resume and cover letter writing, and generally acts as a clearing house for employers and potential employees. We also have a network of CCNY M.A. Economics alumni in NYC and around the world, and a strong Economics and Business Alumni association who can provide advice and help find opportunities.

Q8: Where do alumni of the M.A. in Economics program find employment?
Alumni from the program have gone on to work at various government agencies and in the private sector. Some have pursued doctoral studies in economics. Please check the departmental alumni and MA Alumni Stories pages.

Q9: Do you have an internship program?
The M.A. in Economics program does not offer an in-house internship program, but the Career and Professional Development Institute keeps an active list of employers who seek interns during the summer, as well as the fall and spring semesters. Employers regularly contact CCNY with open positions.

Q10: Sounds good. But there are several other M.A. in Economics programs. What competitive advantages do you offer?
While quantifying all those advantages comprehensively is a difficult task, there are some unique advantages to getting your M.A. in Economics at the CCNY Department of Economics and Business:

  1. Being in NYC, you’ll have almost unbounded opportunities. You can hop on a subway to meet an alum working on Wall Street or in the NYC Department of Finance for a quick coffee, which may lead to another subway ride to an internship interview.
  2. The program is also significantly less expensive than other comparable programs in NYC, particularly if you qualify for in-state tuition.
  3. The department has both Economics and Business faculty, and so presents an array of business course offerings. For example, you can take a course in Entrepreneurship – a rarity in traditional Economics M.A. programs.
  4. In the same vein, the college hosts the Zahn Innovation Center, to boost your next big idea.
  5. You will have an opportunity to take related courses in another department at CCNY, such as in Public Administration or Computer Science (with M.A. advisor’s approval).
  6. (vi) CCNY is part of CUNY, an extended network of colleges all within NYC. You will have opportunities to access an extended array of courses, taking up to three classes at other colleges within the CUNY system, such as Baruch College or Hunter College.

Q11: Can someone who does not have a Bachelors in Economics apply to the M.A. in Economics program?
Yes. Such students may be admitted conditionally if they do not have certain standard Economics courses as part of their background (see #14 below). We look at the overall profile of the student to ascertain if they can succeed in the program. One key indicator is quantitative proficiency, such as whether a student has taken courses in calculus.

Q12: Is there a GPA requirement?
No, we look at the whole student.

Q13: What math preparation is necessary for the master's program?
Applicants are expected to have taken at least one semester of calculus and one semester of statistics.

Q14: What are the terms of conditional admission?
During the first semester you would need to take any undergraduate courses that are either missing from your required preparation, or else that you took but did not meet our grade requirements. (This could be from one to three courses, depending on your individual background). Meanwhile, you would also take an elective graduate course. You must earn a grade of B+ or higher in those courses to continue in the program. This is a grade level required of all admitted students with respect to undergraduate economics requirements.

Due to USCIS rules, currently international students with conditional admission need to complete their pre-requisite courses successfully before starting at CCNY, as SEVP regulation prohibits the issuance of a Form I-20 based on conditional admission.  ​

Q15: Is it difficult to succeed at a conditionally admitted student?
Our data show that approximately 95% of our conditionally admitted students succeed in meeting the requirements and continue studying in our program

Q16: Can I finish this program if I work full-time?

Absolutely YES. The majority of our students work full-time and all classes are held in the evening.

Q17: Are there online* courses?
Not yet, but there are some hybrid courses, where some of the teaching and learning takes place online.

*Due to Covid-19 pandemic all fall classes are happening remotely. Please come back for information about our spring classes, or contact the program's director at mbengoa@ccny.cuny.edu .

Q18: What Economics Courses Are Offered in the Summer?
Summer courses depend on student interest and vary from year to year.

Q19: What is your transfer credit policy?
We decide this on a case-by-case basis.


Our FAQ does not replace or supersede the rules set out in the College Bulletin. Please contact the program's director at mbengoa@ccny.cuny.edu if you have more questions.

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