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North Academic Center & the CCNY Campus

School of Education

North Academic Center & the CCNY Campus

All School of Education's school and departmental offices are located in the North Academic Center (NAC Building). Most classes are held in the North Academic Center.

Campus Map

The Library

The Cohen and Science/Engineering Libraries have most of the material for Education Majors. The Cohen Library is located in the second floor of the NAC building. The Science/Engineering Library can be found in the Marshak building. The Library also subscribes to 1,300 journals, maintains an audiovisual collection, provides a variety of abstracting and indexing services, and has a computerized bibliographical retrieval service.

Perspectives on the North Academic Center 

Professor Gretchen Johnson, Associate Dean of the School of Education, shares her perspectives on the North Academic Center that houses the School of Education.

The School of Education is located in the North Academic Center, known as the NAC building. It is a complex building and viewed from outside (from streets above and below) it is possible to spot the inspiring idea on which the design was based. CCNY has always been a college that educated the children of working families and immigrants. In the past, most immigrants arrived in New York City by ship. If you view the NAC building from Amsterdam Avenue and 134th Street, you can see the bow of a ship and a smokestack. If you view it from "above," that is, from Amsterdam Avenue and 138th Street you can see another ship's bow. Viewed from Convent Avenue, you will see a gangplank leading up to the cafeteria level. If you take a look at the arrangements of the windows you can detect the various deck levels on a ship. If you could view the NAC building from a helicopter or plane, you would see that it is CCNY ship
A View of our "Ship" from Amsterdam Avenue and 134th Street.

NAC building

  positioned so that Shepard Hall with its two
  curved wings forms an anchor just to the
  East of the building. The NAC building can
  be considered a celebration of immigrants
  to America who, themselves or their
  children, come to City College to be
  educated and achieve their dreams.

North Academic Center Building from side view