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The New Educator is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal published by The School of Education of The City College of New York and The Association of Teacher Educators (ATE). It is published by Taylor & Francis/Routledge.

Focusing on the challenges of building and sustaining professional community in the education of new educators, The New Educator serves as a forum on issues that teacher educators, teacher education programs, and school systems encounter in the preparation, recruitment, induction, retention, and ongoing support of educators new to the field.   Defining “educator” broadly to include classroom teachers, administrators, counselors, support staff, teacher educators, and those who educate outside of school settings, the journal is particularly interested in work that links theory with practice, is generated through practice, is useful and accessible to the field, and reflects the needs and perspectives of the diverse communities served by educational institutions in this new century.

The New Educator features research articles, essays, commentaries, reports, program descriptions, reflective narratives, humor, interviews, photos, and book and resource reviews.  Themes addressed in ongoing issues include:  Preparing educators for the 21st century - meeting the challenges; standards, assessment, and accountability for educators; responding to the challenges of diversity in our schools; lessons from effective classrooms in PreK-12 schools as well as teacher education programs; educating educators for democratic practice; leadership for learning; the first year of teaching; educating educators for diverse settings - after-school programs, museums, juvenile detention centers, etc.  Past issues have featured the work of Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Linda Darling-Hammond, Karen Hammerness, Jamila Lyiscott, Ernest Morrell, Marianna Souto-Manning and other well-known as well as emerging scholars.

Subscriptions for institutions are available through Taylor and Francis.

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