Important Student Information

  1. Important Reminder: Make sure you have access to your CCNY Email Live@CCNY and Blackboard
    Why is it important that you have access to the above?
    • Many offices on campus (Registrar, Bursars, etc.) and professors will communicate with you through the CCNY Email.
    • Your instructor might use Blackboard for a course.
  2. Claim your CUNYFirst account!
  3. The CCNY Course Bulletin contains information about Academic Requirements and Regulations, Tuition and Fees, Financial Aid, Research and Study Facilities, Student Life and Services, all Programs at CCNY, and more.
  4. Academic calendars: information about class start dates, registration dates, last day for drop-add, last day for W grade, filing for graduation, etc.
  5. Student Teaching/Practicum applications through the Office of Clinical Practice (Field Experiences & Student Teaching/Practicum).
  6. Students prior to their last semester should contact their advisors and Apply for Graduation.
  7. Check and update your contact information each semester.  You can do this through checking your transcript to see if your information is correct and if not, contacting the Registrar's Office. This process is vital to your smooth progress through your program.
  8. Check your transcripts each semester to ensure that all classes you have taken appear and especially, classes on e-permits and transfer credits. Graduate students must maintain a GPA 3.0 or higher to continue in the program.
  9. Check your program planning sheets each semester as you register to ensure that you are registering for the correct classes. You should contact your Program Director/Advisor.
  10. Maintenance of Matriculation Fees: These are fees that will be charged to students who are NOT registered in the semester that they apply for graduation.
  11. State Certification is NOT automatic. You must apply for certification. Be sure that you have taken and passed all state required tests.
  12. School of Education Requirement: Beginning Fall 2006, all candidates taking courses in the School of Education are required to create and maintain a TaskStream account throughout the span of their enrollment in the program.

    TaskStream is an on-line, web-based folio assessment system that is used by our candidates to document their learning process, and to showcase and archive digital products. Additionally, the School of Education uses TaskStream to aggregate and report data for programmatic improvement and accreditation purposes.
    Accounts can be set-up by accessing the following link: If you need technical support while using TaskStream, simply call TaskStream Mentoring Services toll-free Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 7 PM at 1-800-311-5656.

    For on-site assistance please go to the Learning and Technology Resource Center, North Academic Center, Room 3/226, or the Multimedia Center, North Academic Center, Room 4/221.
    Ideally, a candidate's TaskStream account should be set-up prior to the first day of classes.

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