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Course & Standing


The committee is convened by the Director of Admissions & Student Services (ex officio) who serves as staff to the committee and has voice but no vote. All the cases are prepared and submitted for review through the Director and CC &S Chair.  After review and discussion of the documents, the committee votes on each case. The Director communicates the committee's decisions to the candidate in writing. The director also communicates the decisions with the college's administrative offices (Registrar, Bursar, Financial Aid) to complete the process. A candidate may only re-submit an appeal to the committee with new evidence.

No grade changes appeals will be reviewed by the committee bearing the following circumstances:

  •     the instructor has accepted work after an original grade has been submitted
  •     the instructor allows the candidate to audit/partially audit a course for a grade change after an original permanent grade has been entered
  •     The instructor renegotiates a grade with the candidate after an original permanent grade has been entered.

A decision made by the committee is final. Additionally, appeals are either approved or denied by the committee. If so desired, a request for information regarding the rationale of a decision must be submitted in writing to the attention of the committee chair

Committee on Course and Standing Handbook

Graduate Appeal Form

Undergraduate Appeal Form