Features of TEACH

Candidates may now do many things associated with applying for certification from one central place. Features of teach include:

  1. Submit an online teacher certification application (institutional recommendation or transcript evaluation;
  2. Submit an online fingerprint clearance application;
  3. Make arrangements to pay for the application fees online by using a credit card or printing a payment coupon to mail in with a money order or certified check;
  4. Check online for the status of a teacher certificate application;
  5. Check online for the status of a fingerprint clearance application;
  6. View all online correspondences sent by OTI, including an evaluation history of certification applications filed online.


The application process for applicants using the TEACH system varies in a few ways from the paper application procedure. Since candidates will be applying for certification on their own, and will not have to actually come in to see the certification officer, some other methods of communication are necessary. Candidates will have to notify the certification officer that they will be requesting an institutional recommendation.
All candidates who apply for graduation online will now see an option to request a certification recommendation. By checking that option on your graduation application, you are authorizing the college to submit an institutional recommendation on your behalf, once you have graduated. If you are applying for graduation using the paper application form, please write in "Please recommend for teacher certification" on your application form. If you have previously applied for graduation and would now like to be recommended using TEACH, please send an email to the certification officer requesting that you be recommended for certification using TEACH.

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