Prompted by Events in Ukraine

Prompted by Events in Ukraine

on behalf of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Democratic and Caring Communities

As teacher and leader educators, we take our responsibility to prepare the next generation for active participation in a global democratic society seriously by teaching our full history and including all voices. We commit ourselves to constantly expanding our knowledge and understanding of ourselves, our history, and our world.

We stand with all refugees and urge the global democratic community to welcome, provide shelter, and provide care so that they can live their best lives in peace and freedom.

We deplore the invasion of sovereign Ukraine and are inspired by the Ukrainian people’s tenacity and resistance. We stand with you and support you and implore our government and the world to provide all possible aid to sustain your democratically elected government and way of life. We also stand against actions that displace others from their homelands and with all refugees who seek safety, security, and freedom.

We join with those who condemn the invasion and destruction of Ukraine and the targeting of civilians.  We support democracy and freedom for all.

Last Updated: 03/28/2022 09:20