Apply for Internship & Research Opportunities, Scholarships & Fellowships

see GSOE web-page: Internships & Research Opportunities | The City College of New York (

Undergraduate Fellowships

NOAA CREST Fellowship: Nauth D., Ishrat Ya., Mohammed L., Eder H., Adrian P., Erin W. (2019), Jessica Ch., Fausto T. , Ysabel B. , Siena D. (2018), Stephanos S. , Cesar H., Victor D., Stephanie P.  (2017), Oksana J., Victor D., Anjesa A. (2016), Myrna H., Kathy A., Noeliz L. (2015), Berenice O. (2013) and many other ESE students
NOAA Scholarships : Koffi A. (2019), Aye Ph., Murshedur Sh. (2018), Valentina R., Maria C., Robert A. (2016), Lawrence V. (2015), Olivia P. (2014)
Colin Powell School Scholarships and Fellowships : Caroline Sch., Sardar Kh. (2019), Luiza M (2018), Luis A. (2017), Omar H. (2016), Avani O. (2014)
S Jay Levy Fellowship for Future Leaders : If you have questions about your application or eligibility, please email Lavie Margolin via


2017 Spring Term of the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) Program: Marisol B.( 2013)

Help from Honors center:

National Scholarships and Fellowships


EREF for both undergraduate and graduate students  

Extended databases:

NSF database of REU opportunities: Stephany P. (2016); 

All majors:

The German Chancellor Fellowship for tomorrow's leaders  Application deadline: September 15 annually

CUNY Service Corps at City, international students are eligible
The University Innovation Fellows program, international students are eligible, deadlines in October and May

Senior students, please consider applying for: 

the GEM Fellowship Program

Graduate Fellowships:   NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) : Adam A. (2015), Jan S. (2013)
City College Fellowship (CCFELL) Deadline is Dec 1, 2016
Pathways Programs at : NSF, DOE, DOD, NOAA
Brown and Caldwell is the largest engineering firm of its kind—solely focused on the U.S. environmental sector
In cooperation with AfterCollege, there are specific job postings available to ESE students.
  • NEWUA7 is a strategic alliance of seven leading German Universities of Applied Sciences committed to excellence in teaching and research, semester abroad and internship opportunities
  • Barry Goldwater Scholarship
  • Colin Powell School Scholarships and Fellowships
  • CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities Internships
  • National Grid Internships
  • Energy Jobs
  • OSRS 
  • Smithsonian
  • The Helen Fellowship includes both a teaching and a research component on-site at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
  • Scholarship for HS students NY
If you want to share information about any of these opportunities, please e-mail to Dr.K.


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