Pathways common core courses offered Spring 2020


This list does not include Honors and STEM variants

Required (Fixed) Core

English Composition I (EC) recommended in the 1st semester of study

ENGL 11000

Freshman Composition

FIQWS 10105

Composition for WCGI Literature

FIQWS 10108

Composition for Individual and Society

FIQWS 10113

Composition for Creative Expression

FIQWS 10115

Composition for United States in its Diversity

English Composition II (EC) recommended in the 2nd semester of study

ENGL 21001

Writing for the Humanities and the Arts

ENGL 21002

Writing for the Social Sciences

ENGL 21003

Writing for the Sciences

ENGL 21007

Writing for Engineers

ART 21000

Writing About Art (recommended for Art majors)

MUS 21000

Writing about Music (recommended for Music majors)

ENGL 25000

Introduction to Literary Study (recommended for English majors)

Math and Quantitative Reasoning (MQR)

MATH 15000

Mathematics for the Contemporary World

MATH 17300

Introduction to Probability and Statistics


Freshman Quantitative Analysis


see Master list for STEM variant courses recommended for BS majors

Life and Physical Sciences (LPS) recommended in the 4th semester of study*

BIO 10004

Biology: Human Biology

CHEM 11000

Exploring Chemistry: Energy and Environment

EAS 10400

Perspectives on Global Warming


see Master list for STEM variant courses recommended for BS majors

*BA and BFA students only; BS majors need to consult an advisor

Flexible Core

Creative Expression (CE) recommended in the 1st or 2nd semester of study

AES 24202

Survey of World Architecture II

ART 10000

Introduction to Visual Arts of the World

MUS 10100

Introduction to Music

MUS 10200

Introduction to World Music

MUS 14500

Introduction to Jazz

THTR 13100

Introduction to Theatre

World Cultures and Global Issues (WCGI) - Literature recommended in the 3rd or 4th semester of study

JWST 11700

The Bible as Literature

FREN 28300

The Literature of Contemporary France

SPAN 28300

Masterworks of Latin American Literature

THTR 21100

Theatre History 1

THTR 21200

Theatre History 2

THTR 21300

Theatre History 3

URB 31000

The City in History

WHUM 10100

World Humanities I

WHUM 10200

World Humanities II

World Cultures and Global Issues (WCGI) - History & Culture recommended in the 1st or 2nd semester of study

ANTH 10100

General Anthropology

ASIA 10100

Asia and its Peoples

ASIA 20200

Contemporary Asia

BLST 10200

African Heritage: Caribbean-Brazilian Experience

WCIV 10100

World Civilizations I: Prehistory to 1500 AD

WCIV 10200

World Civilizations II:1500 AD to present

HIST 20600

Modern Europe

HIST 27600

Africa and the Modern World

INTL 20100

International Studies: A Global Perspective

Individual and Society (IS) recommended in the 1st or 2nd semester of study

ANTH 20100

Cross Cultural Perspectives

ECO 10250

Principles of Microeconomics

EDCE 25600

Language, Mind, and Society

JWST 10411

Psychology of Religion

JWST 28100

The Holocaust

PSY 10200

Psychology in Modern World

SOC 10500

Individual, Group and Society: An Introduction to Sociology

WS 10000

Women’s/Gender Roles in Contemporary Society

Scientific World (SW) recommended in the 2nd and 3rd semester of study

ASTR 30500

Methods in Astronomy

EAS 10300

Environmental Geology

MED 10000

Introduction to Drug Abuse and Addiction

SSC 31150

Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice


see Master list for STEM variant courses recommended for BS majors

US Experience in its Diversity (US) recommended in the 1st or 2nd semester of study

PSC 10100

American Government and Politics

USSO 10100

US Society

HIST 24000

The United States: From Its Origins to 1877

HIST 24100

The United States since 1865

CLAS College Option Logical-Philosophical Courses recommended in the 4th semester of study

PHIL 10200

Intro to Philosophy

PHIL 20100

Logical Reasoning

PHIL 30800


PHIL 32200

Philosophy of Science

PHIL 34905


PSC 12400

Political Ideas and Issues