City College of New York Journalism Students Visit Spectrum News NY1



Journalism is a minor at City College and that's a wonderful opportunity for students from every department. You can learn from professors working in the field today about what makes great journalism and how to report and write like a professional. 

The minor in journalism consists of four required 3-credit courses and two electives for a total of 18 credits. Most students also participate in campus student media and intern at local news organizations.

                                                     Required Courses

MCA 101: Introduction to Media Studies

MCA 233: Introduction to Journalism

MCA 333: Reporting and Writing

(Note, students can take either Radio or Television Journalism as the fourth required course. Or take both, and apply one as an elective.)

MCA 341: Radio Journalism

MCA 343: Television Journalism

Elective Courses

Select two from the following list. 

MCA 105: Introduction to Media Production

MCA 365: Social Media Strategies

MCA 31013: Supervised Radio Station Study (by permission)

MCA 401: Ethics and Values in Communication

BLST 31136: Race & Media

English 230: Writing Workshop in Prose

English 342: Advanced Grammar

Soc 250: Theory of Mass Culture and Mass Communications

Art 24020 Photojournalism

Media Internship or Independent Study for Academic Credit (by permission of program director)


Our journalism students publish their stories on HarlemView. They also write for the student publications The Campus and The Paper.