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Dalia Saavedra
Dalia Saavedra



Dalia Saavedra

Journalism Minor Class of 2020


During college Dalia Saavedra tried internships at several journalism organizations.  But she found her calling during an internship at Telemundo 47. She started as an intern on the assignment desk and volunteered for everything. She noticed that the Telemundo 47 Responde unit really helped consumers and she ask if she could work there.

She spent two semesters as intern with Responde and then when she graduated, Telemundo 47 hired her.

Dalia lives in the South Bronx and she said, “I witnessed the oppression faced by the Hispanic community and decided to pursue a career in journalism to help people and make their voices heard.”

In the consumer unit she said, “I understand people’s problems because of the challenges in my own life and that helps me, help them.”













Clark Adomaitis, CCNY Class of 2020


Clark Adomaitis

The City College of New York Class of 2020 

Winner of The Beatrice and L. Richard Guylay Class of 1934 Prize for Academic Achievement and Service to the CCNY's The Campus

Clark Adomaitis brought his interest in food writing and culture to The Campus and his stories became must-reads. He researched and sampled the deliciousfood in Harlem and around the campus and sought out the best deli sandwiches, the tastiest pizza, the freshest fruit and vegetables and more.

The Campus gave me the opportunity to exercise my curiosity, conduct research and write stories that might help people in The City College community,” he said.

Clark came to City College from Floral Park, Long Island. He and his family place a special emphasis on their Lithuanian heritage and Clark has spent his summers working as a counselor at a Lithuanian-American summer camp for children.

He loves music, especially hip-hop and rock ‘n’ roll, because it has the power to bring people together. He said, “In my community, I host an annual block party, sponsored by a state assembly person. Local musicians come out to play and every year it’s a joyous event where friends mingle and eat good food.

While at City College, Clark lived in The Towers on campus and used his spare time to exercise his passion for walking and finding out new things about Harlem and subjects to write about.

He interned for the New York Public Interest Research Group in his sophomore year and became interested in recycling. That led to a project to revamp the recycling program at the college, and his article about it grabbed the attention of the Office of Facilities and Management. His research and reporting about ergonomic recycling bins led the college to purchase new bins and distribute them throughout the campus. The reporting experience and the reaction of students and college officials convinced Clark to become a journalist.

Clark heads from City College to the Craig Newmark School of Journalism at CUNY. When he finishes his graduate studies, he plans to put his skills to work writing about food and creating food-oriented podcasts.



Jaqueline Bautista

Jaqueline Bautista

The City College of New York, Class of 2020

Winner of The Beatrice and L. Richard Guylay Class of 1934 Prize for Academic Achievement and Service to the CCNY's The Campus


Jaqueline Bautista came to The City College of New York as a Dreamer. She was one nearly 800,000 young people who gained legal status through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Her academic performance and diligence helped her win a scholarship from TheDream.US and that made it possible for her to attend college.

She began to work on The Campus as a copywriter and editor. Her interest in public relations led her to take on the role of Social Media Coordinator.

Her editor praised her creative use of YouTube and Instagram to promote stories in The Campus and to connect people in the City College community.

Jaqueline majored in Advertising and Public Relations and her work on the college campus and with the publication helped her develop skills in photography, design, filmmaking and public speaking. “I found myself starting conversations with students all across the campus and this gave me confidence and energy,” she said.

She also wrote regularly for The Campus and covered stories that included the surprising win of Queens Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, problems with fare-jumpers and the NYPD in New York City subways, and the issue of coming out in the Latinx community.

Jacqueline double-minored in journalism and Latin American and Latino Studies. As she wrapped up the difficult 2020 spring semester she said, “My peers and I have ended our college journey in the middle of a global pandemic. But despite the challenges this imposed, I believe the friendships and connections I’ve made at City College will help guide me through these uncertain times.”

Breona Couloote

Breona Couloote

The City College Class of 2020

The Irving Rosenthal Award For Excellence In Journalism


Breona Couloote came to The City College of New York as a commuter student from Valley Stream, Long Island. When she began college, she had decided to major in psychology. But the work of television reporter Laura Ling inspired her and she signed up for a journalism class.

That first class, Introduction to Journalism, cemented the idea that she would minor in journalism and it changed her life at the college. She realized that she could combine her interests in psychology, community and journalism.

“I became passionate about social justice journalism,” she said. Her interests led her to The Paper, started by students in the late sixties to cover social justice and advocacy issues and newly revived as an online publication. She wrote stories and covered events and very quickly rose to become editor-in-chief during her last semester at City College.

Breona lived on campus at The Towers and that enhanced her college experience although she commuted back to Long Island for her job as a crew leader at AMC Theaters.

Off-campus, she won an internship with GLAAD, the media monitoring non-profit founded by LGBTQ people in the media. That allowed her to work with young writers sharpening and shaping their stories.

Breona is headed to the Craig Newark School of Journalism – CUNY in the fall of 2020. During this challenging time, she looks forward to learning more and becoming a journalist whom people can count on.





Graduates of the CCNY journalism program have found success at Vice, ABC, CBS, CNN, The Today Show, Al Jazeera, Sports Illustrated, The UN television network and other media outlets. After receiving his master's degree from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, Joshua Peguero CCNY '10 (pictured below), worked for PBS NewsHour in Washington. He is now bureau chief/reporter at an ABC affiliate in Texas.