Current Students

Some useful links for the current semester:

Faculty office hours →

Class Schedule (link)

Physics Advisors →

Course Syllabi (Fall 2019)

Introductory Physics Labs

The lab manual can be found here:

Lab Instructors → 

Lab Policies, in brief:

  • All labs must be completed and lab reports turned in order receive a passing grade for Introductory Physics courses. Students who do not complete all labs will be given INC grades. 
  • Completed labs cannot be carried over into a subsequent semester in the case a physics course must be repeated. All labs must be redone when retaking a class.

Complete Lab Policies are available here: Intro Lab Policies →

Other Resources for Current Students

Physics Tutoring Options: There is physics tutoring available in the Marshak Building room 403. *(include hours and link)

CUNY Academic Integrity Policies →


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