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Introductory Physics Lab Manual


Introductory Physics Lab Manual

There are seven labs to be completed during the semester. (Six labs during the summer session.) Lab reports must be submitted at the beginning of the following lab period. Note that the grade of incomplete (INC) will be assigned for the course if all lab reports have not been submitted by the required dates.


  1. Please check the schedule for your lab (below).  Labs will begin the week of February 5, 2018. 
  2. Find the lab manual for your course (listed below). 
  3. Print the lab and graph paper that you will need before you attend the lab and take it with you to the lab. 
  4. Watch the video if it is available before you go to your lab. 
  5. Be on time for your lab and plan to stay for the full time allotted.
  6. If you miss a lab then you must make up that lab.  Please contact Mr. Telesford to arrange a makeup. 
  7. Lab must be retaken if the course needs to be repeated or retaken.  No exceptions.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY:  CUNYs Policy on Academic Integrity applies to all coursework, including lab reports.


Introductory Physics Lab TAs and Lecturers