Photonics and spectroscopy

Includes Laser Physics, Mediphotonics and Quantum Optics and the Photonics Laboratory.  Laser spectroscopic techniques have been pioneered at City College and are being used to study dynamical properties of a variety of physical and biological systems. Several laboratories cited in the research sections above make extensive use of laser-scattering and laser-based diagnostic techniques.

Beyond this, City College has a comprehensive research program in quantum optics and applied quantum phenomenology.
Photonics development

    Researcher:    Areas of current interest

    Robert Alfano:    Ultrafast optical and Biomedical Physics pico-and femtosecond spectroscopy of solids, liquids, and biophysics; laser optics; medical applications of photonics, Ultrafast laser physics, Biomedical optics, Nonlinear optics, Optical imaging
    Swapan Gayen:    Optical Biomedical Imaging and Spectroscopy, Probing the Ultrasmall and Ultrafast. photonics, ultrafast laser spectroscopy, optical imaging of biological and turbid media. Biomedical optical imaging, Optical imaging and pulse propagation through turbid media, Nanoscale photonic materials, Tunable solid-state lasers, Ultrafast lasers and spectroscopy, Spectroscopy of impurity ion-doped solids, Nonlinear optics
    Vinod Menon: Photonics, Condensed Matter Experiment
    Vladimir Petricevic:    Laser crystals, lasers, optical communications, ultrafast spectroscopy, growth of solid-state laser materials, laser development, photonics, spectroscopy of ions in solids, ultrafast phenomena

Spectroscopy: Heading toward "Fantastic Voyage"

    Researcher:    Areas of current interest

    Jiiufeng Tu:    Optical spectroscopy studies of energy related materials. experimental condensed matter physics, optical spectroscopy, optical studies of correlated systems and nanosystems, infrared and Raman studies of superconductors and nanosystemsphysics

    In 2013, Prof. Tu received a capital equipment donation worth $1M from Prof. Albert J. Sievers, Cornell University.   Equipment includes:

  • Raman spectrometer
  • Lamellar spectrometer and accessories (He3)
  • Laser Nd:Yag
  • Laser Nd:Yag
  • UV Wavelength
  • Generator harmonic
  • Pulse kit
  • Retro kit
  • Cryostat system with controller
  • Detector far IR
  • Laser injection