Physics 20900 Course Description

Physics 20900 Physical Optics and Modern Physics

Calculus-based study of the basic concepts of wave motion, physical optics, and modern physics
Topics include: Wave equation, Electromagnetic Waves, Dispersion; Interference, Diffraction, Polarization; Special Theory of Relativity; Particle properties of Waves, Photoelectric Effect, Compton Effect; Wave Properties of Particles, Wave-particle duality; The Nuclear Atom, Bohr Model, Franck-Hertz Experiment; The Schrodinger Equation, Harmonic Oscillator, Hydrogen Atom; Atomic Physics; Molecular Structure and Atomic Spectra; Structure of Solids, Conduction; Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Structure, Nuclear Force, Radioactivity. Prerequisite: Physics 20800 or equivalent, Math 20300 or 20900; 4 lect. hr./wk.; 4 cr.