Physics, Master of Science (M.S.) Degree Requirements

Physics, Master of Science (M.S.)

Degree Requirements

Required Courses

PHYS V0100

Mathematical Methods in Physics


PHYS V1100

Analytical Dynamics


PHYS V1500-1600

Electromagnetic Theory

4 cr./sem.

PHYS V2500-2600

Quantum Mechanics

4 cr./sem.


Elective Courses


Total Credit Hours: 30

Additional Requirements

No more than nine credits taken in 60000-level(U-level) courses (see PHYS 55100-55500, PHYS 58000, PHYS 58100 in the Undergraduate Bulletin) may be counted toward the graduate degree. Nine credits may be taken in graduate courses in subjects other than Physics, upon approval of the Graduate Committee.

Thesis: Not required.

Comprehensive Examination: A written comprehensive examination is required unless waived by the Graduate Committee.

Foreign Language Requirement: Not required.


The CCNY masters degree in physics requires 30 credits of course work with a B average and passing the Comprehensive Exam.  Of the 30 credits, 24 involve required courses, unless one can demonstrate graduate-level competence in the areas and one substitutes more advanced courses.  Six  credits are elective.

Required courses include V0100, V1100, V2500, V2600, V1500, V1600.  In the Fall Semester, courses V0100, V1100, V2500, V1600, U3600 are given; in the Spring Semester, V1500, V2600, V3800, V4100, U3500, U3600, U7100.  Well-prepared, full-time students take three four-credit courses per semester and can graduate in three semesters.

Superior students in the Master's Program at The city College can usually transfer to the Ph.D. program by taking and passing the "First Examination" at the doctoral level.  See the Graduate Advisor, Prof. Timothy Boyer.

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