Spring 2019 Syllabus Physics 771-772

Physics 771/2

Spring 2019

Graduate Physics Lab I/II

Tentative Syllabus

Instructor: Prof. V. Petricevic, Office: MR-423B, 212-650-5550, vpetricevic@ccny.cuny.edu

Suggested textbook: “An Introduction to Error Analysis”, 2nd Ed., John R. Taylor, University Science Books

Supplementary text: “Experiments in Modern Physics, 2nd Ed., Melissinos and Napolitano, Academic Press


            You are expected to complete and hand in a report on reading assignment and six lab reports, including the three required experiments/assignments as well as three of the modern physics experiments listed below, for a total of seven written reports. Each student must collect his/her own data. Each lab report should be submitted no later than two weeks after you have completed taking data.

Current list of experiments for Physics 771/2:

Required experiments and other assignments

Methods of Statistical Analysis-Review

Statistics of Nuclear Decay - Theory                         

Statistics of Nuclear Decay - Experiment                                                      

Modern physics experiments (Choose 3)

Lawrence Force

The Franck-Hertz Experiment

Millikan Oil Drop (requires two students to take the data)

Electron Diffraction

Michelson Interferometer

Advanced Topic Experiment

            Chaos or any experiment you are doing towards your dissertation.


Your lab report for each experiment should contain the following sections:


• Cover page (course number, title of experiment, your name, date)

• Introduction (including the goal of the experiment)

• Theory (development of necessary theory and derivation of formulas)

• Experiment (description of equipment and methods used to collect data)

• Results and Discussion (data tables; a complete error analysis - no measurement is complete without an estimate of the experimental uncertainty; interpretation of results; comparisons of results with theory; answers to any questions)

• Conclusions (including your brief summary of what you learned.)

• List of references, software used, etc.


            All reports should be typewritten, preferably using a word-processor so that additions/corrections can be easily made. Reports handed in on time will receive an initial grade and will be returned to the student for possible improvements.           All lab reports must be returned to me by the end of the semester.