Spring 2020 Syllabus Physics 20300 GHx

PHYS-203  Spring 2020, Sections LL&LL2&LL3


Instructor:      Professor David Schmeltzer

Office:            -317B Marshak

Phone:            212-650-6881

E-Mail                  Dschmeltzer@ccny.cuny.edu

Office Hours: .


Required text:

1. Physics (10th or 11th ed.) by Halliday & Resnick, and Walker.



Two mid-term exams (in class) – tentatively

Comprehensive Final exam (in class) – to be scheduled.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: (5 hr./wk.; 4 cr.)

To understand the basic physics necessary for a career in science. PHYS 203 is the first part of two-semester course.  The emphasis of this course will be on analytical and problem-solving skills, and the aim is to apply fundamental physical principles to idealized and practical problems.  This course is labor intensive.  You are expected to read and understand at least one chapter of the text every week, and solve ~8 problems as homework. Note: additional information on the course objectives for Physics 20300 can be found on the Physics Department web site for current students.



This is how your final grade will be determined: Homework 5%, Labs 10%, Midterms 40%, and Final 45%.

Labs: You have to complete all 7 labs to pass this course.


Additional Information

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Students have the responsibility to know and observe the requirements of The City College Code of Student Academic Integrity. The standards of academic integrity will be enforced in this course. The code forbids cheating, fabrication or falsification of information, multiple submission of academic work, plagiarism, abuse of academic materials, and complicity in academic dishonesty. You may work with study partners and discuss the subject matter with them. However, each student is individually responsible for his/her tests, HWs.


Homework: The homework problems are taken from the textbook and will be collected in class. HW solutions will be made available periodically. Exams: There will be two midterm exams (75 min.) and a final exam (140 min.). No make-ups will be given except in the case of emergency. Labs: The Physics Department Lab manual is available on line at

 www.sci.ccny.cuny.edu/physics/undergrad. There are seven labs to be completed during the semester; see the attached schedule. Lab reports must be submitted at the beginning of the following lab period.  Note that the grade of incomplete (INC) will be assigned for Physics 20300 if all seven lab reports have not been submitted by the required dates.                                    




Course Outline






Week 1


Lecture 1





Lecture 2


Units and Vectors




Lecture 3


1-Dimsional Motion I


HW1 Assigned


Week 2


Lecture 4


1-Dimensional Motion II



No Classes on 9/2

9/5 Monday schedule

Lecture 5


2-D and 3D Motion I


HW2 Assigned

(HW1 due)

Week 3


Lecture 6


2-D and 3D Motion II




Lecture 7


2-D and 3D Motion III




Lecture 8


Force and Motion 1-I


HW3 Assigned

(HW2 due)

Week 4


Lecture 9


Force and Motion 1-II




Lecture 10


Circular Motion



Lecture 11


Kinetic Energy and

Work I

HW4 Assigned

(HW3 due)

Week 5


Lecture 12


Kinetic Energy and

Work II



Lecture 13


Kinetic Energy and

Work III



Lecture 14


Review for Midterm


(HW4 due)

Week 6


Midterm One




No classes 9/30 – 10/1

Lecture 15


Linear Momentum I


HW5 Assigned


Week 7


Lecture 16


Linear Momentum II



No classes 10/8 – 10/9

Lecture 17


Linear Momentum II


HW6 Assigned

(HW5 due)

Week 8


Lecture 18


Rotation I



No classes 10/14

10/16 Mon. schedule

Lecture 19


Rotation II




Lecture 20


Angular Momen I


HW7 Assigned

(HW6 due)

Week 9


Lecture 21


Angular Momen II




Lecture 22


Oscillations I


HW8 Assigned

(HW7 due)

Week 10


Lecture 23


Oscillations II




Lecture 24






Lecture 25


Review for Midterm


(HW8 due)


Week 11


Midterm Two





Lecture 26


Fluid Mechanics I




Lecture 27


Fluid Mechanics II


HW9 Assigned

Week 12


Lecture 28


Fluid Mechanics III




Lecture 29


Temperature and Heat I




Lecture 30


Temperature and Heat II


HW10 Assigned

(HW9 due)

Week 13



Lecture 31


Temp. and Heat III




Lecture 32


Transfer of Heat I



Lecture 33


Transfer of Heat I

HW11 Assigned

(HW10 due)

Week 14


No Class 11/28-12/01

Lecture 34


Ideal Gas I


Week 15


Lecture 35


Ideal Gas II



Lecture 36


Ideal Gas III



Lecture 37


Thermodynamics I

HW12 Assigned

(HW11 due)

Week 16

12/9 (12/12 last day)

Lecture 38


Thermodynamics II



Lecture 39




HW13 Assigned

(HW12 due)


12/16– 12/20 Final Examinations