Spring 2020 Syllabus Physics 20400 ST

The City College of New York

Department of Physics

Spring 2020

Physics 20400 - Sections ST, ST2, ST3


Prof. V. Petricevic:                           office: MR423B; 212-650-5550; vpetricevic@ccny.cuny.edu

Required text:                                   Physics, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (10th ed.) by Cutnell & Johnson (Wiley)

Office hours:                                      Tuesday and Thursday from 2-4 PM in MR-423B (or by appointment)

Class meets on Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-7:40 PM in Marshak MR2



Important Information for Physics 20400 students:


Course Objectives:


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:


1. understand the fundamentals of wave motion and sound
2. understand and apply the principle of linear superposition to interference
3. understand the concepts of electric fields, electric forces and electric potential
4. understand and be able to analyze electric circuits, including alternating current
5. understand the concepts of magnetic forces and magnetic fields
6. understand the concept of electromagnetic induction
7. understand the concept of and phenomena associated with electromagnetic
8. understand the concepts of reflection and refraction of light, interference and
the wave nature of light



Topics Covered:


1. Waves and Sound
2. Principle of Linear Superposition and Interference Phenomena
3. Electric Forces and Fields

4. Electric Potential
5. Electric Circuits
6. Magnetic Forces and Magnetic Fields
7. Electromagnetic Induction
8. Alternating Current Circuits
9. Electromagnetic Waves
10. Reflection and Refraction of Light
11. Interference and Wave Nature of Light



Class schedule:


Two 100 minute lectures and one 2 hour and 50 minute lab (on alternate weeks).


Assessment Tools


1. Attendance

2. WileyPLUS homework assignments (5%)


WileyPLUS URLs      Section ST       TBD


                                    Section ST2     TBD


                                    Section ST3     TBD



Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis.

Selected homework problems will be discussed and solved in the classroom. The solutions to the problems will be uploaded on the Blackboard.


3. Quizzes (10%)


Quizzes will be given after completion of chapters/topics, following the homework review.


4. Lab reports (5%).


5. Class participation.


6. Three midterm exams and the final exam (80%). (Final exam counts as two midterm exams.)



Course Plan (tentative)


Text                                                    Homework Problems

Chapter 16:                                         TBD

Chapter 17:                                         TBD

Chapter 18:                                         TBD

Chapter 19:                                         TBD

Chapter 20:                                         TBD


Exam 1


Chapter 21:                                         TBD

Chapter 22:                                         TBD   

Chapter 23:                                         TBD

Chapter 24:                                         TBD


Exam 2


Chapter 25:                                         TBD               

Chapter 26:                                         TBD

Chapter 27:                                         TBD                                                                           


Exam 3