Spring 2020 Syllabus Physics 55600

Physics 55600 Current topics in Physics Fall 2019


Department of Physics, CCNY



Instructor: Sriram Ganeshan

Email: sganeshan@ccny.cuny.edu (best way to reach me)

Phone: (212) 650-6085


Office Hours: Wednesday, 4 – 5 P.M.

Location: Marshak 418N


Course Description (from Bulletin)

55600: Current Topics in Physics

A seminar course on current topics in experimental and theoretical physics, with oral reports by students and faculty (required for Physics majors).

1 hr./wk.; 1 cr.

Class Schedule:     Wednesday          Wednesday, 4 – 5 P.M   MR418N    



Physics 55600 is a seminar course that requires students to attend colloquium. It does not have a formal syllabus. Attendance is mandatory and a review paper on their favorite colloquium topic will also need to be submitted at the end of the course.



  • Familiarize with recent breakthroughs in physics
  • Learn to write abstracts for talks
  • Improve scientific presentation skills
  • Learn basics of writing scientific papers