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Research Honors Presenters, 2018


CCNY Physics Mentors
Physics Faculty are available to mentor students at all levels (undergraduate, master or Ph.D.).  To find a mentor, check the link above for mentors and their specialties that interest you.  Arrange to meet your prospective mentor to discuss research appropriate to your academic level.

National Science Foundation, Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Most Physics REU Sites provide opportunities spanning the full range of research of the indicated departments or laboratories, and include both experimental and theoretical activities.  Application deadlines for summer programs that are funded by NSF are usually by March 1.

Research Honors
The Research Honors Program is one of several ways for undergraduate students to participate in faculty research projects. Such projects, if judged to be of sufficient quality and quantity, may lead to a degree with honors.

The large active research faculty provides undergraduate research opportunities in many fields of experimental and theoretical physics. Modern laboratories provide excellent training facilities in the areas of laser physics, low temperature physics, biophysics and semiconductor physics. Off-site research in atomic physics takes place at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Some students also participate in theoretical physics research, primarily in the areas of condensed matter physics and high energy. Academic credit can be earned for participation in such research projects. leading to graduation with Research Honors.

2018 Research Honors Presentations

Research Honors


Two-Body Problem in an External Field                                                                                    
Anastasia Spiridonova, Mentor: Assistant Professor Brian Tiburzi, Department of Physics

Nuclear Reactions in External Magnetic Fields                                                                
Jason Yu, Mentor: Assistant Professor Brian C. Tiburzi

Towards Topological Insulator Bulk Carrier Suppression in Be2Se3/Sb2Te3
Short-period Superlattices                                                                                                   

Steven Alsheimer, Mentor: Professor Maria Tamargo, Chemistry

Early Detection of Triple Negative Breast Cancer with Multiphoton Microscopy
and Resonance Raman Spectroscopy                                                                                 
Ethan Bendau, Mentors: Distinguished Professor Robert Alfano and Dr. Lingyan Shi,
Institute for Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Lasers, CCNY

A Description of Brane Tilings                                                                                           
Rian Koots, Mentor: Associate Professor Sebastián Franco

Nanoscale Light-Harvesting: Supramolecular Porphyrin-Surfactant Complexes for Functional Hybrid Nanoconjugates                                                                                
Nicolás Yehya, Mentor: Professor Dorthe Eisele

Local Models of Entanglement                                                                                           
Ryan Lanzetta, Mentor: Professor Alexios Polychronakos

α-MoO3 as Intercalation Cathodes for Rechargeable Aluminum Batteries                    
Christopher K. Chong, Mentor: Dr. Robert J. Messinger, CUNY Energy Institute

"Function of flp-1 and Modeling its Effects on Neuronal Networks in C. elegans"       
Raubern S. Totanes, Mentor:  Chris Li (Biology)

"A Field-Theory Approach to Quantum Tunneling"                   
Rajshekhar Basak, Mentor: V. P. Nair (Physics)

"Generation of Bessel and Airy Beams and their Applications"                   
Ougni Chakraborty, Mentor: Robert Alfano (Physics)

"A Monte Carlo Simulation of Non-ideal Particles in a Small Cavity"           
Ali Eltareb, Mentor: Michael E. Green (Chemistry)

"Rational Design of an Artificial Protein for Light-Activated Charge Separation"   
John Lin. Mentor: Ronald Koder (Physics)

"Efficiency of Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells utilizing multiple"            
    Exciton generation
Veeshan Narinesingh, Mentor: Robert Alfano (Physics)
Alan Stern, Research mentor: Associate Prof. Ronald Koder, "Artificial Proteins as Self Assembling Anti Reflective Monolayers"
Haiming Deng, Research mentor: Professor Kia Krusin, “High Temperature Surface Superconductivity in Topological Insulator Sb2Te3”
Zabir Hossain, Research mentor: DIstinguished Professor Robert Alfano: "Quasi Particles"
Zabir Hossain, Research mentor: Distinguished Prof. Robert Alfano, Physics Department "Overview of the generation of supercontinuum in photonic crystal fibers"

Jorge Tirado, Research Mentor: Prof. Marilyn Gunner, Physics Department "The Electrochemistry of the Flavin"
Ron Schneider, Research Mentor: Prof. Ilona Krtzschmar, Chemical Engineering "Model and Experiments on Patchy Particles"
Moriel Schottlender, Research Mentor: Distinguished Prof. V. P. Nair, Physics "Modelling the Dynamics of a Tumbling Spring (The Slinky)"
Simon Divilov, "Synthesis and electrical characterization of topological insulators Sb2Te3 and Bi2Te3" Lin Bo , Lukas Zhao , Limin Huang , Alisa Agafonova , Simon Divilov , Stephen O'Brien , Lia Krusin-Elbaum , Myriam Sarachik, March meeting of the American Physical Society, March 21-25, 2011, Dallas, TX
"Magnetically-doped nanoplate crystals of topological insulators Sb2Te3" Lukas Zhao , Lin Bo , Limin Huang , Alisa Agafonova , Simon Divilov , Stephen O'Brien , Myriam Sarachik , Lia Krusin-Elbaum, March meeting of the American Physical Society, March 21-25, 2011, Dallas, TX
Edison Castro
Theresa Carranza-Fulmer, Montana State University-Bozeman National Science Foundation-funded ResearchExperience for Undergraduates internship; research assistant with the U.S. Geological Survey's geomagnetism program, after having interned there for a summer through a Research Experience in Solid Earth Science for Students also funded by the National Science Foundation; undergraduate summer internship, at the University of Michigan under her current advisor, Mark Moldwin, resulted in a poster about plasma composition changes during the latest solar cycle (1996-2008).
Ariana van Gelder

Giovanni Milione, Researcher, City College of New York, currently Ph.D. Student in Physics
Student Member, SPIE (International Society for Optics and Photonics)
SPIE Involvement: Author
Area of Expertise: Singular Optics, Vector Beams, Geometric Phase, Polarization, Angular momentum of light, Higher order fiber modes

SPIE Optics and Photonics Scholarship 2011
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship 2011
1. Haiming Deng  (Research Mentor- Prof. Lia Krusin, Physics)
2. Inna Shteinbuk (Research Mentor- Prof. Lia Krusin, Physics)