SYllabus SPring 2018 Physics 20300 EE

Physics 203 EE

Instructor: Pouyan Ghaemi, Office MR 317A, email:
Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 to 4:30

Laboratory and recitation: 20%
Mid-term exams: 2 X 20%
Final Exam: 40%
If Final Exam Grade is higher than overall grade, you will get the final exam grade.

Text: Cutnell, and Johnson, Physics, 10th Edition, J. Wiley
Note: older editions of the text are completely fine.

1-Math Skills and introduction
2-Kinetics in one dimension
3-Kinetics in two dimensions
4- Force and Newton’s Laws
Exam One
5- Uniform Circular Motion
6-Work and Energy
7-Impulse and Momentum
10-Simple Harmonic Motion
Exam Two
11- Fluids (+Gas Laws)
8-Rotational Kinematics
9-Rotational Dynamics
Final Exam