Syllabus Summer 2019 Physics 20800 1XW

Syllabus Summer 2019 Physics 20800 1XW

Instructor:            Dr. Kazi Abu Sayeed
Class Hours:             M Tu Th 6:00 – 7: 40 pm
Class Room:             Marshak 2 (Lecture)
                Marshak 1(Recitation)
Recitation Hours:        M Tu 8:00 – 9:40 pm
Office Hours:            M Tu Th 4:00 – 4:30 pm
Text Book:             Resnick, Halliday and Walker,
                Fundamentals of Physics (10th Ed.)

Other useful texts

• This site has free textbooks for various subjects including a calculus based physics text.
•    Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 4th Ed. By Giancoli,
•    Physics for Scientists and Engineers, by Serway and Jewett.

Grading Policy
Quizzes (Wileyplus):         15%
Home Work (Wileyplus):     10%
Attendance:              5%
Midterm Exam (2):        40% (20% each)
Final Exam:            30%
•    There will be a Quiz every day at the beginning of the class.
•    Duration is 10 minutes.
•    The topic will be the lesson of the previous class.
•    Type of questions will be multiple choice with work to show for mathematical problems.
•    There will be no make up for the quiz.
•    There will be no quiz on the days after the midterm exams.
Home Work:
•    There will be one HW each week.
•    You have to upload the HW in the blackboard at the assigned area.
•    Duration – one week.
•    There will be no late submission (except for special situations, in that case talk to me.)
•    I’ll collect the attendance from the quiz.  
•    The attendance will include the presence and participation in the recitation as well.
•    There will be two midterm exams
•    For the date and syllabus for each of the midterm exam, please check the table below.
•    The midterm exams will take place during the recitation hours.
•    The recitation classes will be used as mentoring sessions, where you will be solving assigned problems.
•    Also we will discuss questions that you will have.
Electronic Devices:
•    Use of Cell Phone is strictly prohibited in the class, regardless of the reason. Please keep them in silence and inside your pocket/bag. It should not be displayed under any circumstance.
•    No Laptop either. Take notes on papers; that is more useful. If you use smart notebook it must be some kind of iPad.
•    If you fail to refrain yourself from the use of these devices, I will help you by keeping them on the front desk. You can collect them after the class.
•    Keep a scientific calculator with you- its mandatory. You will need it in the class.

Date    Chapters    Date     Chapter
06/03/2019    M    Ch 16: Waves I    06/27/2019    Th    Ch 26: Current and Resistance
06/04/2019    Tu    Ch 17: Waves II    07/01/2019    M    Ch 27: Circuits
06/06/2019    Th    Ch 34: Images(Ray Optics)    07/02/2019    Tu    Ch 28: Magnetic Fields
06/10/2019    M    Ch 35: Interference (Wave Optics)    07/04/2019    Th    Ch 29: Magnetic Fields due to Currents
06/11/2019    Tu    Ch 36: Defraction (Wave Optics)    07/08/2019    M    Review during class Midterm Exam 2 during recitation
Syllabus(Ch 21 – 27)
06/13/2019    Th    Ch 21: Coulomb’s Law
Ch 22: Electric Field    07/09/2019    Tu    Ch 30: Induction and Inductance
06/17/2019    M    Review during class Midterm Exam 1 during recitation
Syllabus(Ch 16,17,34 – 36)    07/11/2019    Th    Ch 31: Electromagnetic Oscillation and Alternating Current
06/18/2019    Tu    Ch 22: Electric Field    07/15/2019    M    Ch 32: Maxwell’s Equ.: Magnetism in matter
06/20/2019    Th    Ch 23: Gauss’s Law    07/16/2019    Tu    Ch 33: Electromagnetic Waves
06/24/2019    M    Ch 24: Electric Potential    07/18/2019    Th    Review for the Final Exam
06/25/2019    Tu    Ch 25: Capacitance    07/22/2019    M    Review for the Final Exam
07/23/2019    Tu    Final Exam (during the class hour)
*Note: The syllabus is subject to change as per necessity