Syllabus Summer 2019 Physics 32100


Department of Physics

Physics 32100  _ Modern Physics For Engineers

Professor: Dr. Islam Hoxha


Prerequisites: Physics 20800 or equivalent, Math 20300 0r 20900

Textbook: Taylor, Zafiratos, Dubson, Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 2nd edition, Pearson/Prentice hall

Course overview:

Introductory historical background, special relativity, elementary quantum theory, application to hydrogen and hydrogen-like atoms, atomic shell structure and periodic table;  nuclear physics and statistical mechanics


  1. Einstein’s theory of special relativity; relativistic mechanics
  2. Important experiments that led to our current understanding of the nature of atoms and of light, Millikan oil-drop exp., black-body radiation, photoelectric effect, Rutherford back-scattering, etc.
  3. Bohr’s model of the Hydrogen atom: quantization of energy.
  4. Elements of quantum theory; wave functions, Schrodinger’s equation, uncertainty principle , etc.
  5. Examples of quantic systems: quantum well, wire and dot, harmonic oscillator, H-atom, etc.
  6. Pauli’s exclusion principle and the periodic table
  7. Some applications of quantum mechanics: lasers, physics of solids, etc.
  8. Nuclei and radioactivity
  9. Elementary particles


Exams and quizzes: 1 quiz (25% ) , one midterm ( 30 %)  and one final ( 45 %)


Homework problems will be announced on blackboard periodically throughout the semester. The students are encouraged to at least try the homework and discuss their solution during the class during problem discussion times or reviews assigned by instructor.


Prepared by: Dr. Islam Hoxha                                    on June 2, 2019