SyllabusSummer 2019 Physics 20300 1XA

The City College of New York
Physics Department
Summer 2019                           Physics 20300-1XA       Syllabus
Lecture : Mo, Tu, Wed ,  8:30 AM-10:10 AM    @ NAC 1-203

Instructor: Dr. Islam Hoxha
Office hours:

PHYS 20300 General Physics I, is an algebra based introductory physics course covering: vectors, kinematics, Newton's laws, equilibrium, gravitation, motion in a plane, work and energy, impulse and momentum, rotation and angular momentum, simple harmonic motion, fluids, heat, and thermodynamics. It is a course appropriate for students majoring in the life sciences (biology, medicine, dentistry, psychology, physical therapy) and for liberal arts students. Use of mathematics is restricted to elementary algebra and some trigonometry. PHYS 20300 is required for Premed, Predent., Bio-Med., and all Life Science students

Textbook(s):  Physics (Cutnell&Johnson) by  David Young and Shane Stadler, Publisher: Wiley, Edition: 10, Year Published: 0000.               ISBN:  9781118651889

Pre -requirement:  Math 19500
An outline  of the chapters/sections and topics is given by the table below
CHAPTERS    Sections
1. Introduction and Mathematical Concepts:     1.1-1.8
2. Kinematics in One Dimension.    2.1-2.7
3. Kinematics in Two Dimensions.    3.1-3.4
4. Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion.    4.1-4.12
5. Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion.    5.1-5.7
EXAM I    
6. Work and Energy.    6.1-6.7
7. Impulse and Momentum.    7.1-7.4
8. Rotational Kinematics.    8.1-8.6
9. Rotational Dynamics    9.1-9.6
EXAM II     
10. Simple Harmonic Motion and Elasticity.    10.1-10.4
11. Fluids.    11.1-11.10
12. Temperature and Heat.    12.1-12.2 and 12.6-12.8
13. Heat Transfer.    13.1-13.2
14. The Ideal Gas Law and Kinetic Theory    14.1-14.3
15. Thermodynamics    15.1-15.3 and 15.7-15.8

The homework assignments are collected weekly by your recitation instructor. They will be posted on Blackboard routinely as the semester progresses.
Grading. Homework : 5% , labs (all  labs must be completed):  10%; 2 midterm exams – 25% each; Final Exam ( accumulative) : 35%.

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1. Copying another person’s actual words without the use of quotation marks and footnotes attributing the words to their source.
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3. Using information that is not common knowledge without acknowledging the source.
4. Failing to acknowledge collaborators on homework and laboratory assignments.
5. Internet plagiarism includes submitting downloaded term papers or parts of term papers, paraphrasing or copying information from the internet without citing the source, and “cutting and pasting” from various sources without proper attribution.
The City College Faculty Senate has approved a procedure for addressing violations of academic integrity, which can also be found in Appendix B.3 of the CCNY Undergraduate Bulletin.”


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