Commuter Benefits – Temporary Deduction Suspension Option

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Transit Benefit Program

Commuter Benefits – Temporary Deduction Suspension Option

Employees enrolled in the Commuter Benefits program who are temporarily working from home and don’t anticipate using the funds in their Commuter Account can opt to suspend their payroll deductions.  Commuter Benefits deductions can be suspended for a period of up to one year.

Employees can suspend their Commuter Benefits payroll deductions by completing the attached enrollment form and marking the “Suspend Deduction” option in the “Employee Action Box” at the top.

For employees enrolled in the Park-N-Ride plan, the parking plan must be suspended for the same period. Please note this will only suspend payroll deductions. To also suspend Transit Pass orders, employees must do so directly with Edenred at (833) 584-8109 or online

All Commuter Benefit program participants can check their Commuter Account balance on the Edenred website.

Edenred Commuter Benefit Forms and Information


Kim Ferguson
Benefits Officer
ECP/Instruct. & Non-Instruct.  
Lami Hoff 
Benefits Specialist  
FT White/Blue Collar
Kristina Seecharran
Benefits Coordinator 
PT Instruct./ PT White Collar

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