President's message on the Texas school shooting

Dear Members of the City College Community,
The appalling news of the Texas school shooting arrived before the last victims of the Buffalo shooting had even been memorialized, and in between, we learned of yet another assault in a California Church. There hasn’t even been time to process one act of horrific violence before the next one is upon us.

We are living in a moment when the accumulated anxiety of the pandemic years, stark underlying political tensions, the proliferation of dangerous high-powered weapons, and the rising tide of white supremacism have combined to create a dangerous and tragic season. Like the rest of our nation, we feel sorrow, frustration, and rage for the innocent victims of these attacks. The lives shattered in these shootings are beyond any conceivable calculous, and our college mourns with all of their victims.

I truly believe that the work we do on this campus is directly responsive to these tragedies. The anger of frustrated hope finds solace in the opportunity of an education. The white supremacist lies withers in the face of our accomplished and inclusive community. We understand that progress and security require collaboration and a willingness to build together rather than tear one another apart. And we regard the places where people gather—in churches and mosques and synagogues and schools—as sanctuaries rather than targets.

But the weight of these events is heavy indeed—it wears on me and I know it wears on us all. I urge you to pay particular attention to yourself, your level of anxiety, and fear. Keep a close eye on those around you and be prepared to comfort those you find troubled. Let’s also try to see anxiety and fear, rather than hostility and offense when we encounter bad behavior or ill humor and provide support to those around us who need it.

These killings are beyond comprehension but I believe that we can find strength in one another, in the work we do together building a better future. I hope desperately that these events will spur our leaders to enact policies that can finally constitute a relevant response to these killings—but until they do, let us assume the responsibility for one another’s care. 

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Vince Boudreau

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