In Tribute to Professor Myriam Sarachik

Dear Colleagues,

I am profoundly sad to share the news that Professor Myriam Sarachik passed away yesterday. We are privileged to live and work at an institution peopled by many remarkable individuals, but even among this company, Myriam was exceptional. She was a distinguished professor of physics, both as formally recognized in her CCNY professorial rank, and in terms of the many honors and awards she received from the academy throughout her life.She was exceptional, as well, in her kindness, her boundless enthusiasm, and the influence she exercised by her example to all who knew her. Over the course of her long and remarkable life, she repeatedly overcame tragedies and hardships that might have brought others up short, and just as repeatedly gathered herself to persist in her pursuit of knowledge, humanity, and a life well lived. It is difficult to imagine this place without her, but impossible to think of today’s CCNY without the influence of her great mind and heart.

Services will be held Sunday, October 10 at  11:30 AM

Riverside Memorial Chapel
180 West 76th St
NY, NY 10023

There is also a zoom link on their website for remote family and friends:

or more directly:

The burial will follow at Beth Israel Cemetery in Woodbridge NJ.

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