Cabinet Meeting Minutes October 2, 2023

Cabinet Meeting
Monday, October 2, 2023
10:00 am - Noon

Facilitator: Provost Tony Liss
Presenter: VP Dee Dee Mozeleski

  1. Vince Boudreau, President
  2. Doris Cintron, Senior Associate Provost
  3. Alex Couzis, Dean, Grove School of Engineering
  4. Ramon De Los Santos, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs
  5. Scott Gurba, Chief Operating Officer
  6. Marta Gutman, Dean, Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture
  7. Ken Ihrer, Chief Information Officer
  8. David Jeruzalmi, Chairman, The Faculty Senate
  9. Edwin Lamboy, Dean, School of Education
  10. Tony Liss, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  11. Celia Lloyd, Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
  12. Juan Carlos Mercado, Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies at CWE & Professional Continuing Studies
  13. Renata Miller, Dean, Division of Humanities and the Arts
  14. Dee Dee Mozeleski, Senior Advisor to the President and VP & Executive Director, Office of Institutional Advancement, Communications and External Relations and The Foundation for City College
  15. Naomi Nwosu-Stewart, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management
  16. Marie Owumi, Special Projects Manager, Office of the President
  17. Susan Perkins, Dean, Division of Science
  18. Andrew Rich, Dean, The Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership
  19. Teresa Scala, Chief of Staff, Office of the Provost
  20. Ruth Stark, Chairperson, Faculty Committee on Personnel Matters
  21. Mary Ruth Strzeszewski, Associate Provost for Academic Programs
  22. Vanessa Valdes, Associate Provost for Community Engagement
  23. Rosemarie Wesson, Associate Provost for Research


  1. Carmen Green, Dean, CUNY School of Medicine
  2. Paul Occhiogrosso, Executive Counsel to the President

The meeting was called to order at 10 am by Provost Liss.

The minutes were reviewed and approved.

President Boudreau gave his announcements which were as follows:

  1. There will be a town hall for all faculty and staff on Thursday, October 19 at 12:30pm in Theater 3 of Marshak. Going forward, there will be one town hall for faculty/staff and one for students every semester.
  2. Due to the inclement weather over the past weekend, the phone lines were down across campus, and a CUNY alert was sent out to that effect. The phone lines are now up and running. The phone lines have also been forwarded to emergency lines such as 911. The Facilities and IT departments are working on including fire drills to this system as well.
  3. The hiring of the new Chief Diversity Officer, Sheryl Konigsberg, has been approved by the Vacancy Review Board. She will manage cases and work on programming around diversity and inclusion.
  4. With the arising budget issues, cuts will need to be made and one of the departments that will be affected is Public Safety. Officers will be pulled from areas such as the CWE building, the NAC 3rd floor, and the library check-in desk.

The conversation was moved to the PMP letter which will be submitted on Friday, October 6. President Boudreau explained the updated set of requirements specified by CUNY regarding the college’s plan for the next five years. He presented on the KPI framework outlined by CUNY and highlighted some key areas that he would like for Cabinet to focus on. While the PMP letter has the necessary information for submission, the suggestions submitted in the PMP framework will form the basis of the college’s internal planning. This will include the following principles:

  1. Don’t make a plan to make a plan
  2. Goals should be empirically verifiable
  3. A big part of planning is prioritization
  4. Create units of measurement to develop baseline data

President Boudreau has asked that a four semester schedule be developed and submitted by every department in time for the end of the calendar year. It will give students a chance to plan their schedules accurately. It will also give the college the opportunity to accurately structure the curriculum, and identify courses for asynchronous learning. The focus, for the time being, will be on undergraduate courses.

Provost Liss opened up the conversation to Navigate. The first campaign was recently started where approximately 400 instructors, and 170 students with GPAs a point and a half below their prior cumulative GPA were selected. The instructors were asked to perform certain tasks on Navigate which would create an email notification to the students. The students will be followed up on in the coming weeks in order to verify the subsequent actions that were taken. VP Lloyd gave a report on the progress of faculty training. She suggested the use of faculty spokespeople to encourage higher participation.

VP Mozeleski gave her divisional presentation on the Office of Institutional Advancement, Communications & External Relations, including its organizational chart and services it provides for the college.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:59 am.

October 16 Cabinet Meeting Agenda

Facilitator - VP Celia Lloyd
Presentation- Executive Counsel Paul Occhiogrosso


  1. Approval of the October 2 Cabinet Meeting Minutes
  2. President’s Announcements
  3. Operational Strategy Update (SVP Gurba)
  4. Commencement Planning (VP Mozeleski, Anthony Achille)
  5. Internal PMP Planning
  6. Navigate (Provost Liss)
  7. 4 semester scheduling - next steps
  8. Presentation

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