Reporting a Crime

  1. reporting a crime

All crimes against person and property should be reported as soon as possible to the Office of Public Safety.  This helps us apprehend criminals and make strategic decisions about the deployment of security resources. Incidents can be reported in person in the Public Safety office (NAC 4/201), by phone (extension 7777 if the crime is in process, extension 6911 after the fact) or to any uniformed officer on campus. The Office of Public Safety will assist you in reporting a crime to the NYPD as necessary.

Even if you do not want to pursue action with the College or the criminal justice system, please make a confidential report which does not reveal your identity to the Public Safety Office. This helps us keep an accurate record of the number and nature of incidents, determine whether there is a pattern of crime and we need to redeploy our security officers, and alert the campus community to a potential danger. Reports filed in this manner are counted and disclosed in the  crimes statistics of the College. 


What happens when you report a crime?

  1. An officer will gather all pertinent information and take action as necessary.
  2. An incident report will be prepared by the officer and directed to the proper authorities.
  3. You will receive a copy of this report, and be advised of your options. You also will be advised of assistance provided through the Office of Student Services, including psychological counseling, and of assistance from the New York State Crime Victims Compensation Board.
  4. The information will be added to the data used to analyze incidence patterns. 
  5. The College community will be sent a Campus Security Alert if that is deemed necessary.


The CCNY Public Safety Office enjoys a good working relationship with the NYPD. However, since the NYPD is not required to share their reports about off-campus crimes, we urge you to also report these incidents to the Public Safety Office.  These reports are important in our assessment of threats to our community, and they form the basis for important Campus Security alerts.



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