Property Removal

The College likes to do all that is possible to enable staff and faculty to carry out their responsibilities while meeting our obligation for the care, preservation and proper use of off-campus property and as a general policy, City College property cannot be removed from authorized locations.  Situations may arise beneficial to the College, where members may remove property to an off-campus site.  This policy also applies to contractors removing property to be repaired off campus.

Property, which is owned or purchased by City College, or for which the College is responsible, is to be used for City College purpose only.  When a member of the College community has need to remove such property from authorized college locations, the following requirements must be met:          

  • Property to be removed to an off-campus location must be solely used for college purpose.          
  • If an individual removes such property from an authorized location, he/she assumes the responsibility for the proper care, transportation, security and ensures that the property will be returned in satisfactory working condition on completion of requirement.
  • A letter approving the removal of property from authorized locations must be obtained from your Department Chair, Department Head or Sponsor (Research Foundation).  This letter will be maintained in the office of the approving authority, and a copy sent to and maintained in the Office of Property Management.  A copy of the letter must be presented to the Public Safety Officer in the building from which the property is being removed.  For your convenience pre-printed multi-part Property Removal and Intake forms are available from the Public Safety Office, NAC 4/201.

Please include the following in the authorization letter:

CUNY Bar Code Number (ie. CIT-0001234)
Name and title of the person authorizing removal
P. O. number, date & acquisition cost 
College employee responsible for property and their College ID number
Type of equipment
Brand name
Serial number
Phone number
Model number 
Duration of off-campus use with expected date of return

  • Property shall be returned to the original University location or Department as soon as possible, unless an extended period is specifically approved.  Approvals shall be limited to the current fiscal year, and must be renewed at the beginning of each fiscal year. In addition, at the time of the University-wide Re-inventory, all property will be returned to the authorized location so that it can be accounted for by the physical inventory.
  • In the event of an extended absence, change of status or separation from the College of an individual who has property off-campus, the property must be returned to the authorized location prior to departure.  
  • All property removed from authorized University location shall be subject to immediate recall by the University at any time.

For more information please visit the CCNY Property Management WEB page by clicking here.

Last Updated: 09/23/2021 13:05