Getting to and from the Subway

Shuttle Bus Service

For your convenience and safety, the college offers several ways to get to and from the subways at all times. 

The CCNY Campus Shuttle Bus service is one continuous loop that runs in a figure 8 pattern between the two subway stations - 145th and St. Nicholas Avenue Train and 125th and St. Nicholas Avenue.  On campus loading/unloading will take place in front of the Marshak Building.  The combined route will leave from the Marshak Building along Convent Avenue in both directions, going either northerly to the 145th Street station and then returning to campus, or in a southerly direction to the 125th Street station and then returning to campus. The shuttle busses will return directly to the Marshak Building after each pick-up at the 145th station or the 125th station.

The shuttle will no longer operate on holidays or on days that classes are cancelled.

For inquiries about the Mass Transit or Campus Loop service call (212) 650-8675 between 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday - All other times and for inquiries about the Escort Service call (212) 650-6911 or click on: GETTING THERE page.  


Last Updated: 09/23/2021 13:03