If you see a fire:

  • Call the Fire Department (911 on campus or off), or
  • Call the Public Safety Emergency Number (212) 650-7777 or extension 6911 or
  • Pull the nearest fire alarm box

Fire Emergency Procedures

  • Evacuate your area
  • Close, but do not lock doors behind you
  • Follow instructions by Public Safety officers or Fire Floor Wardens
  • Proceed to evacuate the building through designated exit areas
  • Before entering any stairwell, touch the door with the palm of your hand and if it is warm or hot, do not enter the stairwell - Proceed to the next stairwell.
  • Walk downstairs; do not run. - Do not panic - Remain calm.
  • When going down a stairwell, keep your head turned toward the center wall of the stairwell as this precaution will give more protection to your face and eyes in the event of an explosion.
  • It is dangerous to use elevators during an evacuation - Use elevators only when authorized to do so by the Fire Department
  • When using the down escalators, make long and wide turns going from one escalator to the next escalator in order to prevent congestion
  • When you are outside the building, move approximately 200 feet away from the entrance or to the designated evacuation area
  • Public Safety will notify you when the building is safe for re-entry

Last Updated: 02/27/2020 15:23