Learning Disability Resources

The following resources were assembled in order to assist students, faculty and staff. Please note that CCNY and the AAC/SDS do not guarantee or validate the services of outside organizations and programs but provide this information for reference purposes and convenience.


A Learning Disability (LD) is an umbrella term that refers to a wide range of conditions that affect a person’s experience in areas such as memory, organization, reading, writing, and math. Students may experience an impact in just one area or in several. Learning disabilities do not indicate or affect a person’s intelligence; rather, they impact the way a person processes information. This can cause differences or challenges in the way information is received, communicated, or retained. Though many people with a learning disability excel at school and work, learning disabilities can contribute to obstacles in these arenas, as well as in social interactions and engagement. The diagnosis of a LD is made by a qualified professional (e.g. a psychologist, psychiatrist or LD specialist) and includes analyzing information from a person’s developmental, medical, and educational history. Learning disabilities are estimated to impact between 10-20% of the population, 6-7% severely. Individuals with diagnosed learning disabilities have legal rights that include equal access to learning environments and opportunities.(Adapted from http://ldaamerica.org/adults-with-learning-disabilities-an-overview/)

AAC/SDS LD Resources

The AAC/SDS provides a variety of accommodations and services for students with learning disabilities.  The AAC/SDS staff is available as a resource to all faculty/staff supporting students with LD.

Potential Accommodations and Services for CCNY Students with LD (determined on an individualized basis):

  • Notetaking services
  • Permission to record lectures and loan of recording devices
  • Exam accommodations such as extended time and/or a reduced distraction environment
  • Use of and training in Assistive Technology
  • Personal and academic support
  • AccessText:  source for accessible versions of text books in accessible formats
  • Bookshare: source for accessible version of text books in accessible formats
  • Learning Ally: the world’s largest collection of human-narrated audiobooks
  • Referrals for LD assessment

General Resources:

CUNY LD Project:  Provides resources to CUNY staff and students on learning disabilities, including a list of LD evaluation sites

Learning Disabilities Association of America: National advocacy and professional organization for LD

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