Academic Adjustments & Auxiliary Aids

Academic adjustments and auxiliary aids are granted for the purpose of permiting meaningful and equal access and full participation to all of the college's programs, services, and activities.  AAC/SDS registered students, who receive academic adjustments and auxiliary aids, can demonstrate their knowledge without the interference of the functional impact of their disability.  Academic adjustments and auxiliary aids are individualized and determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Requests for retroactive accommodations are considered on an individualized basis and depend on the nature and impact of the disability during specified time frames. For example, if a student missed class due to hospitalization or injury during the semester and then she/he requested disability-related absences to apply retroactively, AAC/SDS staff will consider this request.  AAC/SDS staff will engage in the interactive process, require substantiated objective evidence in the form of disability documentation, and work with the student and the faculty to negotiate the attendance policy.  Students must be aware that accommodations, such as modified attendance, require the review of the department’s academic and technical standards and consensus-driven decisions are made on these cases. 

Examples of academic adjustments and auxiliary aids include (please note: list is not exhaustive):

Please visit the following Website for details regarding CUNY's policies on disability access: CUNY's Policies on Reasonable Accommodations & Academic Adjustments

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