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Confidentiality Statement

The AccessAbility Center/Student Disability Services (AAC/SDS)

Confidentiality Statement

AAC/SDS is committed to ensuring the protection and maintenance of student records.  All student records housed in the AAC/SDS are considered both HIPAA and FERPA protected since they contain educational and medical/psychological information.  AAC/SDS staff will not release information related to disability unless a registered student with a disability has given informed consent.  AAC/SDS has its own file management system, both paper and electronic, that has restricted access to AAC/SDS staff.  However, grievances filed on disability issues permit relevant information as it pertains to the complaint to be released to the necessary parties (i.e., VP of Student Affairs, 504/ADA Coordinator, Executive Director of Health & Wellness). 

Within CCNY, accommodation data is released by the AAC/SDS staff only on a "need-to-know" basis, in order to remove barriers for equal access purposes.  General student records that CCNY staff and faculty have access to do not disclose disability status, registration, or accommodations; thus, transcripts and schedules will not demarcate this confidential information.

Request for Records: If you would like a copy of your records, please provide a letter making this request along with official identification.  The letter and copy of the ID can be issued to AAC/SDS via email:, or given in-person during business hours at NAC 1/218, or mailed to the office: 160 Convent Avenue, NAC 1/218, New York, NY 10031.  If you are a former student who last attended more than six years ago, please note these records are archived and may take additional time to retrieve.