Emergency Resources

There are a variety of emergency resources available for students with disabilites, both at The City College of New York and across New York City as a whole. Below are some resources to help prepare for emergencies.

  1. CCNY Notifications 
    Sign up for CUNY Alert, the official university emergency notification system, in order to receive specific information relating to emergencies via text and email.
  2. AccessAbility Center Voluntary Emergency List
    Students registered with the AccessAbility Center/Student Disability Services may opt-in to have their name and contact information included on the AAC/SDS emergency list (updated each semester) if they believe they will need assistance during an on-campus emergency. This list contains the student's name, contact information, class schedule, and EMPLID. In case of emergency, AAC/SDS staff will consult this list and respond to/assist students accordingly. This document is maintained inhouse, is only shared with Public Safety, and is considered confidential. 
  3. ReadyNYC App
    The ReadyNYC App is a mobile application that helps New Yorkers make emergency plans. For more information, and to download the app, please visit the ReadyNYC website.

For more information on emergency management and campus safety, please visit the website of CCNY Public Safety or the NYC Office of Emergency Management. 

Last Updated: 04/01/2024 10:30