Commencement Access

The City College of New York is fully committed to ensuring individuals with disabilities are provided with equal and full participation at commencement activities.  Commencement activities are developed in concert with multiple offices on campus; The AccessAbility Center/Student Disability Services (AAC/SDS) is a part of this planning process to ensure accessibility for City College's graduating students with disabilities and their guests. The AAC/SDS requests all students with disabilities who require accommodations during commencement activities to please complete the following Commencement Access Form (login is required with the citymail account) where you will provide your contact information and the accommodations required for you and your guests (this will include the main and divisional commencements).  Please complete the Commencement Access Form prior to these activities to allow AAC/SDS to coordinate them accordingly.  For general information related to City College's commencement activities, please visit the following Website:  If you would like to contact AAC/SDS directly with questions: via telephone: (212) 650-5913, TTY/TTD: (212) 650-8441, or email: .

For the divisional commencements, please visit the following pages for detailed information on disability access:

Division of Humanities and the Arts Graduation Ceremony
School of Education Graduation Ceremony
Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at CWE Graduation Ceremony
Division of Science Graduation Ceremony
Colin Powell School of Civic and Global Leadership Graduation Ceremony
Sustainability Program Graduation Ceremony
Grove School of Engineering Graduation Ceremony
Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture Graduation Ceremony
CUNY School of Medicine/Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education Graduation Ceremony

The following information is focused on the main commencement on Friday, June 3, 2022, 10:00am, at CCNY South Campus Great Lawn.  

Traveling: If you are a guest who utilizes Access-A-Ride, please indicate 75 St. Nicholas Terrace address as a drop-off and pick-up. Seating will be available by the entrances to allow for pick-up.  For students with disabilities who are graduating, you will be lining up at the West 133 and Convent Avenue entrance by Aaron Davis Hall (arrival times will be noted on your electronic ticket).

Entrance: Guests with disabilities are directed to enter by The Towers Residence located near 75 St. Nicholas Terrace.  It is recommended arrival one hour prior, in order to ensure less traffic and timely seating.  

Wheelchairs: If you require the use of a wheelchair (include size as well), please indicate this as an accommodation in the Commencement Access Form.  There will be courtesy wheelchairs located at The Towers and guest entrances. You will need to provide a valid form of ID.  

Bathrooms: Throughout south campus where the main commencement is held (rain or shine), there are a number of portable accessible bathrooms spread out and located in accessible areas for use by individuals with disabilities.

Interpreters: Two interpreters are available and placed on the main stage to provide sign language interpreting services for individuals with sensory disabilities.  There will be designated seating in the front row to ensure access to the interpreters.  

Closed Captioning: There will be closed captioning available on the video display screens.  

Seating: Designated seats are labeled on south campus and marshals and ushers will provide assistance on where they located; a program will be placed on your seat.  

Signage: There will be signs hanging on most light posts indicating where accessible bathrooms and seating are located.

Alternate Format: If you require alternate format of the program given out that day, please indicate this accommodation in the form above. 

Assistive Listening Device: If you require the use of an assistive listening device, it will be available opposite to the Spitzer Architecture Building (close by West 135 and Convent Avenue).  You will need to provide a valid form of ID.  

Ticketing: All electronic tickets provide information on the AAC/SDS if accommodations are necessary for access during commencement activities. 

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