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The AccessAbility Center/Student Disability Services


Students can request academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and services from the AccessAbility Center/Student Disability Services (AAC/SDS). AAC/SDS counselors are available to meet with students as a part of the college decision process in terms of accessibility in the postsecondary environment. Once students are admitted to the City College of New York, they can begin the process of requesting academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and services.  The following are steps in how a student can register with the AAC/SDS:

  1. Schedule an appointment with an AAC/SDS counselor by calling AAC/SDS at (212) 650-5913, or by emailing, or visiting the Office: North Academic Center, 1/218, 160 Convent Avenue, New York, NY 10031.

  2. Obtain disability documentation and bring it to your appointment.  When meeting with your provider, please bring a copy of the Request for Disability Documentation Provider Form, and return the completed form to AAC/SDS Office.  Or, if you would like a staff member to contact your provider, you will need to complete an Authorization for Release of Information form.

  3. If you would like an AAC/SDS counselor to discuss your education records with your parents, or a caregiver, or a family member, complete the CUNY FERPA form and bring it to your intake session.

  4. Complete a REACH Services Demographic Form (Please note you are able to bypass items in this form if they do not apply to you).

  5. Complete an Application for Accommodations and Services.

  6. Meet with an AAC counselor who will assist you in determining needed academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and services.

Determination Process for Accommodations and Services

AAC/SDS process of determining academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and services depends on a number of factors: self-report, disability documentation from a qualified professional, educational records, corroborating evidence, among other vital pieces of information.  The office provides temporary accommodations for a semester if students are seeking assessments, and/or need assistance in ascertaining if there is the presence of a disability, and/or if the disability is temporary in nature.  Permanent accommodations are granted to students with the needed documentation and/or self-report and/or educational records.  The process on making final decisions on services is holistic, collaborative, and interactive with the student, faculty, staff, and providers, given informed consent has been granted by the student. 

If you are not sure whether you qualify for services, please schedule an appointment with an AAC/SDS counselor for an informational session.