Scholarships For Students with Disabilities

Disclaimer: We have put the following scholarships together as a resource for students with disabilities. However, the City College AccessAbility Center is not affiliated with the non-CUNY opportunities listed below. The links are working to the best of our knowledge but let us know if you encounter difficulty using them. You can also try to search the name of the scholarship in a search engine if the link does not function.

Resources for Your Search:
- Financial Support for Disabled: Affordable College for Students with Disabilities

CUNY Scholarship Listings for Students with Disabilities:
- CUNY Scholarships for Disabled Students
- The Donald and Mary Ellen Scholarship for Disabled Students
- Matthew Goldstein Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

All Disabilities:
- Buckfire and Buckfire Disability Scholarship Program
- AAHD Scholarship Program
- The Lime Connect Fellowship Program
- Foundation for Science and Disability for Grad Students
- NBC Universal Tony Coelho Media Scholarship
Regina A. Figueroa Memorial Scholarship for NYC Housing Authority Residents

Study Abroad:
- Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program for Study Abroad
- CIEE Study Abroad Scholarships

- Vermont Studio Center

Learning Disabilities:
- National Center for Learning Disabilities Scholarships
- Learning Ally National Achievement Awards

- Shire ADHAD Scholarship Program

Visual Impairment:
- Council of Citizens with Law Vision International
- National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program
- American Council of the Blind Scholarship Program
- Learning Ally National Achievement Awards

Deaf and Hard Of Hearing:
- Sertoma Scholarships
- AG Bell College Scholarship Program
- Bridges Scholarships
- George H. Nofer Scholarship for Law and Public Policy (Grad Student)

- Baer Reintegration Scholarship

Autism Spectrum:
- Organization for Autism Research Scholarship
- ASAN Autistic Scholars Fellowship Program

- 180 Medical College Scholarship Program
- The AmeriGlide Achiever Scholarships
- Jackson-Stricks Scholarship Fund

- Diabetes Scholars Foundation

Multiple Sclerosis:
- National MS Society Scholarship Program

Cystic Fibrosis:
- AbbVie CF Scholarship

- UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship
- Epilepsy Free Continuing Education Scholarship

- National Hemophilia Foundation Scholarships
- Education is Power Scholarship