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Director's Address: Cheryl Sterling, Ph.D

Black Studies Program

Director's Address: Cheryl Sterling, Ph.D

It seems just a little while ago that I took over the leadership of the Black Studies Program, but we are now in our 5th year of growth and transformation of the program. I am so pleased to report that in this time frame we have increased our majors over 1000%, yes one thousand. We now stand at 85 majors. Thank you to our students, our Professors and our staff, particularly our Associate Director, Jodi-Ann Francis. 

We have a wonderful line up of events for this semester. We’ll kickoff with a Mixer for our students on Feb. 6th, and follow with the opening of our Art Exhibit at the Cohen Library Archives on February 7th.  We were lucky to partner with Harlem Arts Alliance this year to bring to you a multimedia exhibit called, Black (w)omen: Seen it Before.  Artist talks are scheduled for February 26th.  The current political issues surrounding immigration and DACA recipients is of particular importance to us, especially since we are in a school of immigrants.  We are bringing to you on February 13th, a panel of experts, lawyers and activists, to discuss issues that are relevant to us all. 

            March plans to be just as wonderful.  We will have a book talk by our own Herb Boyd, a celebrated writer and journalist, who is also a long time adjunct professor in Black Studies. Prof. Boyd’s most recent book, Black Detroit, has been nominated for a National Book Award, so please come and join us on March 27th, for a reading and a celebration.  We are also planning a poetry slam contest for our students on March 20th, and partnering with IMAGENATION, the independent cinema house to host an evening dedicated to exploring female desire for Women’s History Month.  So also join us for this event called, “Art of Desire,” for a book reading and gallery exhibit. 

            And look out in April for our culminating program, CURL NATION, a Beauty and Health Expo that will feature works of artists like Shani Crowe, talks by Michaela Angela Davis, Erickka Sy Savane- Managing Editor of Curly Nikki, and Professor Tenisha Ford. In addition we will have a range of beauty products for women of color.

It time to celebrate ourselves!!!


And look on our website for the all details of these amazing events.







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