Students at the 2018 Graduation- they are all in cap and gown- about 30 people are int he photo but 5 are looking into the camera- they are holding a sign that reads " Black Studies BA"

Minor in Black Studies



Required Courses (6 crs)

10100: African Heritage and the Afro-American Experience (3 CR.)
    10200: African Heritage and the Caribbean-Brazilian Experience (3 CR.)


Elective Courses

 Four approved courses (12 CR.)
Total Credits 18

Graduation Check Sheet- Minor


Students Name: _________________________________Students ID #___________________


Required Courses (6 Credits)

Check off and fill in the Black Studies Course number:

________BLST 10100:    African Heritage and the Afro-American Experience

________BLST 10200:    African Heritage and the Caribbean-Brazilian Experience



Twelve (12) elective credits in additions to the required courses (above, 6 credits), make a TOTAL of 18 credits

All elective credits for the minor must be BLST courses (Unless a course is approved by the program director).

Check off    Course Name                Number    Section        Semester/yr.

________    1.BLST_______________________    _________    _______    __________

________    2.BLST_______________________    _________    _______    __________

________    3.BLST_______________________    _________    _______    __________

________    4.BLST_______________________    _________    _______    __________


Director’s Remarks: __________________________________________________has completed the minor requirements in Black Studies.


Director’s signature: _____________________________ 


Date: ____________________

Celebrating the Ancestors: EGUNGUN in the Afro-Atlantic World! Traditional dance.

Highlighted Courses

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