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Program Highlights

Black Studies Program

Program Highlights


Black Studies Annual Awards


  • William Hallett Greene Award
  • Black Faculty and Staff  Annual Scholarship Awards
  • Annual Convocation Awards for Outstanding Services
  • Edward Scobie Award for Africana Social Science Research
  • Wilfred Cartey Award for Africana  Literary and Creative Excellence
  • Marshariki Chaney Award for  Achievement and Community Service
  • Best Black Studies Essay Award

Other Scholarships/Resources: 

The Allen F. Isaacman Prize in African Studies

The Allen F. Isaacman & Barbara S. Isaacman offers $5000 to a junior or senior to encourage the person to pursue a Ph.D in African Studies, with a strong preference for History. A 1964 graduate of The City College of New York, Allen F. Isaacman is Regents Professor of History and the Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change at the University of Minnesota. He is the author of numerous books on African history and the recipient of the 2013 Distinguished Africanist Award from the African Studies Association. Applications must be submitted to the Chair of the History Department or the Director of the Black Studies Program in NAC 5/144 or NAC 6/109 by Monday, April 8, 2019.

Please visit the History Department (NAC 5/144) or the Black Studies Program (NAC 6/109) for the application. 


City College Fellowship (CCFELL) & Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF)

The City College Fellowships Program is an umbrella program administering two undergraduate fellowships: The City College Fellowship (CCFELL) and the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF).  It brings together approximately 10 Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows and 25 City College Fellows into a single, highly diverse and vibrant community of outstanding students who share a common interest in research and common aspirations to earn a Ph.D.


The Kaye Scholars Program

The City College Kaye Scholars Program is made possible through a generous gift from the H. Austin and Florence R.S. Kaye Foundation. It is the goal of the foundation to "assist young people in the pursuit of new frontiers in the humanities, in the arts or in philosophy and thus strengthen the intellectual and productive base of our nation."


CCNY/Stanford Summer Research Program in the Humanities

The Division of Humanities and Arts just completed its second exciting summer research program for CCNY students. The CCNY-Stanford Summer Program is designed for students considering graduate school in one of the Humanities disciplines.  The program has been renewed for the summer of 2016.

Ten City College Humanities and Arts students will spend eight weeks on the beautiful campus of Stan-ford University in Palo Alto, California. Stanford will match each CCNY student with a Stanford faculty member who will mentor the student's research project. Students will participate in a weekly seminar on the graduate application process and about research in the Humanities. A free Graduate Record Exam (GRE) preparation course will be provided for those interested.


Colin Powell School Scholarships and Fellowships

The Colin Powell Program in Leadership and Public Service is an intensive, multifaceted program for undergraduate students. The experience is designed to prepare fellows for lives of public service and active citizenship, and enable them to apply their skills to issues of public concern. Students accepted into the Colin Powell Leadership Program acquire a broad knowledge of political institutions and the policy-making process, and learn about public service careers and opportunities. Fellows also explore leadership development and methods for creating social change.