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Mathematics in the City

School of Education

Mathematics in the City

Despina A. Stylianou (, Director
Cathy T. Fosnot (, Founding Director

Mathematics in the City was established in 1995 as collaboration between City College and the Freudenthal Institute. It is both a think tank and a national center of inservice for K-8 mathematics education. We offer summer institutes, and a yearly calendar of in-service events open for national participation.

Funding: Exxon Foundation, National Science Foundation, Department of Education, The Freudenthal Institute


Publications (selected):

  • Fosnot, C. and colleagues: Contexts for Learning - A K-8 mathematics curriculum. Heinemann Publishers, 2010
  • Fosnot, C. and Dolk, M: Young Mathematicians at Work. Heinemann Publishers, 2001
  • Fosnot, C. and colleagues: Models of Intervention: Reweaving the tapestry. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2011.