History majors are eligible for many valuable scholarships, fellowships, and prizes at CCNY and CUNY.  The History Department encourages eligible students to apply and recommends that you ask faculty members for help in preparing your applications.   Why should you apply and how can you maximize your chances for success?  Read the advice here.

Louis Neugeborn Memorial Scholarship (Deadline: varies, mid-March-April)

This $1,000 CCNY Alumni Scholarship is awarded to a junior History major with a 3.0+ GPA who has financial need and has benefited from the study of history.  Obtain an application and confirm submission deadline with the History Department.

Kaye Scholars Program  (Deadline: March 15th)

Kaye Scholarships provide stipends in the amount of CUNY in-state tuition to approximately 60 CCNY undergraduates majoring in the Humanities and Arts.  Kaye Scholars are selected on the basis of their academic record (3.0 minimum GPA), creative promise, and financial need.  Students may hold the scholarship for up to six semesters.


City College Fellowship  (Deadline: December 1st and May 1st)

The City College Fellowships Program is an umbrella program administering two undergraduate fellowships. It brings together approximately 10 Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows (MMUF) and 25 City College Fellows into a single community of outstanding students who aspire to pursue doctoral studies.  The City College Fellowships pay $1800 per semester for four semesters with extension by appeal; supplemental funding for summer research and travel to conference is also available. All Fellows share a common interest in independent research and benefit from faculty mentoring, pre-graduate school advising, opportunities to present research at conferences, and a supportive intellectual community.  City College Fellows and MMUF go on to pursue Ph.D.s at the most prestigious institutions in the nation.

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (Deadline: March 10th)

MMUF is designed to encourage the most talented undergraduate students from groups traditionally underrepresented in graduate education, as well as others with a demonstrated commitment to eradicate racial disparities, to enter Ph.D. programs and pursue careers in research and college teaching. Benefits include faculty mentoring, pre-graduate school advising, opportunities to present research at conferences, and a supportive intellectual community. The Fellowship pays $1800 per semester for four semesters and $3900 summer stipend for two summers (preceding junior and senior years). Supplemental funding for travel to conduct research and to attend academic conferences is also available.

Weston Scholarships (Deadline: March-April, please check for exact date)

Josh and Judy Weston Public Service Scholarships support undergraduates who work while studying.  The program pays students $5,000 per semester for performing 200 hours of public service in a government agency or non-profit organization.  Open to full-time sophomores, juniors, and seniors from all majors.
The Skadden, Arps Honors Program in Legal Studies is a two-year program for undergraduates who aspire to gain admission to law school.  It begins the summer before a student’s junior year and provides the following benefits: up to $10,000 in merit scholarships; free LSAT preparation; pre-law curriculum; mentoring by practicing lawyers; individualized writing instruction; a 6-week summer internship with a $1,800 stipend at a law firm or legal services non-profit; law school application workshops.
  • Community Engagement Fellowship Program (Deadline: March 12th): The Community Engagement Fellowship program supports three undergraduate students a year who, with a partner organization, design and implement a project that addresses a community need in a sustainable way. Students of any major, program, or school are encouraged to apply.  The Fellowship pays $5,000 for one year. 
  • Colin Powell Fellowship in Leadership and Public Service  (Deadline: March 12th): The Colin Powell Program in Leadership and Public Service is an intensive program for CCNY undergraduate and graduate students of any major. The program includes seminars, events, and other co-curricular experiences that enable fellows to develop a deep understanding of public service and pressing policy concerns and build the leadership skills to address them.  The Fellowship pays $10,000 a year for two years.
  •  Partners for Change Fellowship (Deadline: March: check exact date for 2014): Partners for Change is a new program for undergraduates with specific interests in (1) education, (2) health justice, (3) urban sustainability, or (4) community and economic development and international development. Partners for Change fellows work alongside professionals to provide needed services and conduct research that addresses critical questions in the field. The Fellowship pays $5,000 for one year.

Study Abroad Programs and Scholarships

CCNY and CUNY offer dozens of study abroad programs.  For listings of different programs, click here and here.

Financial aid and special scholarships make these programs affordable to most CUNY students.

SIROCS: Scholarships for International Resume-Building Opportunities for CUNY Students. (Deadline: March 18th)
Undergraduate students participating in short-term (summer / winter intersession) CUNY study abroad programs may apply for STOCS scholarships.  Grants range from $1000 to $1650.
The Gilman Scholarship Program offers awards to undergraduates to participate in semester or year-long study abroad programs. U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university are eligible.
CCNY/Stanford Summer Research Program in the Humanities (Deadline: March-April, exact date TBA, website address and description forthcoming)
 The CCNY/Stanford Summer Research Program in the Humanities provides 10 Humanities and Arts students the opportunity to prepare for graduate study by spending eight weeks at Stanford University pursuing independent research under the direction of a faculty mentor.  Participants receive a $3,000 stipend plus travel, room, and board.
Summer research programs for undergraduates provide the opportunity to engage in intensive research under the guidance of faculty mentors. These programs generally last 6-8 weeks, pay $3000-$4000 stipends plus free room and board, provide instruction in advanced writing and research skills, and offer free GRE preparation. They are designed to prepare undergraduates to gain admission to and to succeed in Ph.D. programs.
Sydney and Hellen Jacoff Graduate Scholarship (Deadline: March-April, exact date TBA, website address and description forthcoming)
The Sydney and Hellen Jacoff Graduate Scholarships provide financial assistance for graduate studies. The award is granted to majors in the Humanities who have received admission to an established graduate school.  Four $10,000 scholarships are awarded per year.
RAP-SI (Retention, Achievement, Professionalism Success Institute) is a CCNY mentoring program and a project of CUNY BMI (Black Male Initiative). Its mission is to increase, encourage, and support the retention and educational success of black males and other under-represented groups in higher education, through: structured peer mentoring; e-mentoring; textbook loans; and speaker/workshop forums.