Mellon Foundation Planning Grant - Timeline

Mellon Foundation Grant:

Renewal and Innovation in the Humanities at the City College of New York

Timeline, June 2019-May 2020


Upon notice of funding

  • Faculty Steering Committee composed.  Dean asks each of the six humanities department chairs for themselves or a designee for the Steering Committee.


Throughout Summer 2019

  • Steering Committee meets bi-weekly and members work individually and electronically between meetings to prepare an academic planning process with broad participation, including preparing for the fall launch meeting, discussing nascent initiatives of which Working Groups should be made aware and developing a charge for each Working Group, developing ideas about whom to recruit as participants from other divisions on campus, and developing the call for Working Group participants
  • Dean or deputy dean schedules off-campus venue (Schomburg? Museum of City of NY?) for all-division meeting to be held in September



  • Dean convenes all-division meeting (meeting solicits input from faculty, sets agenda for Working Groups)
  • Dean issues call for Working Group participants (up to 6 for each), Steering Committee recruits as appropriate
  • Steering Committee forms Working Groups, including Steering Committee members on each
  • Steering Committee members convene Working Groups, which meet at least bi-weekly throughout the fall and spring.


October 18

  • Working Groups submit work plans to the Steering Committee, detailing how they will use the funds available to them.


October 18-November 1

  • Steering Committee reviews work plans, provides feedback and guidance regarding areas of overlap, synergies, logistics, etc.


November, December, January, February, March

  • Working Groups continue their work


Mid-spring (date in March?)

  • Working Groups present final reports of their recommendations



  • Steering Committee and Working Groups meet in a series of planning sessions to initiate programmatic and curricular development


May 2020

  • All-division meeting to discuss the findings of the workshops


November 30, 2020

  • Grant report due to Mellon Foundation

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