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Makeup exams are offered during "club hours" on the first Thursday in March and in October. To qualify for the make-up exam, please:

During February or September, see a member of the Physics Department office staff in MR419 to:

  1. complete the application form and
  2. obtain appropriate signatures,
  3. pay the $25 fee at the Bursar, and
  4. bring the application form, the Bursar's receipt and your CCNY ID to MR419.
  5. Come to the make-up final on the date specified on your form

The deadline to apply is February 25 for the March exam and September 25 for the October exam.



When do labs start? 
    Introductory physics labs will start in early in the semester, but there are no labs during the first week of classes.   Each lab section's lab schedule is posted in the bulletin board between MR407 and MR409, in MR419, and online.

How do I get a lab manual? 
    The Introductory Physics Lab Manual for Physics 20300, 20400, 20700, and 20800 is now available freeonline.

  • Print the lab that you will need before you attend the lab.
  • Print any graph paper that you will need before you attend the lab.
  • Watch the lab video before you attend the lab.
  • Arrive on time with everything that you will need.

I completed all the labs last semester, but have to take the course again. Can I get an excuse letter? 

    No. The Physics Department does not allow you to apply the labs you took from a previous semester when you take the course again. When you take the course again, you must repeat all the labs. If you have any questions about this, please contact Prof. Hedberg for more information.

I have to make up a lab from last semester—how do I do this? 
   See Mr.  ctelesford@ccny.cuny.edu  in MR428.


When does Physics tutoring start? 
    Physics tutoring is scheduled to begin during the first or second week of the semester. For Science Division tutoring (math and physics) announcements and schedules will be available from Dr. Roth's office, x5780.  For Physics Department tutoring, please check online.

I want to tutor this semester. Whom do I see? 
    See the tutor coordinator in Dr. Roth's office on level 1 of the Marshak Science Building.


What textbooks are required for my course? 
   See the list posted online.  Note that Physics 20300, 20400, 20700, 20800 and 37100 have lab manuals online.  Your professor might require additional material.


When are my professor's office hours? 
    Your professor's office hours will be posted online and in your course syllabus.  Summer session faculty do not have office hours; please contact your professor before or after class to arrange an appointment.



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