High Energy

City College has a strong and active research group in atomic and molecular physics. Research in this field has led to the understanding of atomic and molecular structure and interactions. In addition, atomic physics has provided a testing ground for fundamental theories such as quantum electrodynamics and unified gauge theories of the electro-weak interaction.
The central objective of all particle physics research is to understand the fundamental interactions of the basic forms of matter and their ultimate structure. The high energy theory group's activity centers on a quantum-field-theoretical study of these interactions, with specific emphasis on gauge field theories, which are indispensable for the description of all interactions.

    Researcher:    Areas of current interest

    Ngee-Pong Chang:    Theoretical High Energy Physics
    Sebastian Franco:  String Theory, Geometry of Particle Physics
    Parameswaran Nair:    Quantum field theory
    Alexios Polychronakos:    Quantum field theory, mathematical physics
    Brian Tibruzi:    Research in High Energy Physics; theoretical nuclear and particle physics; chiral symmetry breaking, lattice gauge theory, electroweak properties of the nucleon

    High Energy Group Topics of Recent Research:

    Noncommutative geometry and gravity
    Quark‐gluon plasma (color transport, instabilities, etc.)
    Twistors and scattering amplitudes
    Nonperturbative aspects of Yang‐Mills theory
    Alternate theories of gravity
    String theory
    Casimir forces
    Lattice Gauge Theory

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