Campus access for exceptional needs

I write to present a new procedure by which members of our community with exceptional needs can apply for regular, semester-long, access to campus. The procedures for single-day and research-related access as well as access for hybrid or in-person classes remain unchanged. The new procedure is meant only for those with exceptional circumstances that prevent them from working remotely.

Applications for access will be reviewed by a recently convened Reopening Review Board (RRB). To apply for access, prepare a short proposal with a strong justification, describing the location and frequency of access, as well as a plan for following the safety protocols in the College's reopening plan. Proposals should be submitted to the Dean, Vice President, or a similar unit head, such as an Executive Director, whose support is required.  If the Dean, VP, or Executive Director supports the proposal, they will submit it to the RRB for review, and the RRB will subsequently send approved proposals to the Provost. The proposer(s) will be notified of the outcome and, if approved, instructed to make an access request through our online system with a member of the RRB in the “Supervisor” role.

Campus occupancy is currently limited to less than 25% of normal. As colleges and universities around the country have opened, it has become clear that the key to keeping infection at bay is keeping the campus density as low as possible, and so I want to caution you that we will not be adding significantly to the current campus population. I have asked the RRB and the Deans, VPs, and others to be very careful about what they approve. Therefore, I ask you to think very carefully about what you may wish to submit. Everything we do with respect to reopening has the possibility of being rolled back if the virus shows signs of spreading on campus. As a result, we must keep the campus population as low as we can for now.

Thank you for your help and understanding as we move the important work of the College forward.

Stay safe and be well.

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