CUNY and CCNY COVID-19 Travel Advisory Update and Reminders

This follows the NYS Employee Travel Advisory Notice issued on July 29, 2021. As the incidence of COVID-19 continues to increase across the United States and other countries, we would like to remind you about CUNY’s Travel Advisory and some of the measures implemented to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the health and safety of our city and campus communities.  Please see below.

  1. Travelers to New York from international destinations and non-contiguous states are required to self-quarantine for 14-days from the date they arrive to New York.
  2. The contiguous states are New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Vermont.  
  3. Employees who work on-site, must inform their supervisor and Human Resources, as part of their time-off request if they will be voluntarily traveling to an international destination or non-contiguous state.  Supervisors may take the additional 14-day mandatory quarantine into consideration when reviewing time off requests.
  4. Employees returning from an international travel destination or non-contiguous state must be cleared by Human Resources before they can return to the campus.
  5. In order to be cleared to return to the campus, employees will have to test negative for COVID on a test taken within three days of the expected end date of their quarantine period.  Additionally, the employee will have to be free of COVID symptoms without the use of medications.
  6. Employees may be asked for proof of travel documentation.
  7. If the employee has COVID-19 related symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, Human Resources will notify the Department of Health (DOH) and the employee may be directed to see their doctor. 
  8. Employees on quarantine, as a result of their international travel or travel to a non-contiguous state, and unable to work remotely, may be required to charge their accruals or take as leave without pay during their period of quarantine.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Human Resources at

Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to keep you and the campus safe!

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